10 Habits for a Life of Integrity

I found this in a old moleskine. These were given to us by David Gunner Gundersen in a dorm chapel. Extremely valuable wisdom here.

1. Learn to do things you don’t feel like doing.

2. Learn to take responsibility and recognize when you’re making excuses.

3. Learn to be faithful to the details.

read and respond to emails.

— call people back

4. Learn to follow the rules, not to ask for exceptions.

expect law, appreciate grace

5. View women rightly.

6. Learn to be tough.

mental toughness: stick to a task until you are done.

— learn to wake up when you’re tired.

7. Develop a work ethic instead of depending on your gifts.

8. Learn to control sarcasm and scoffing.

9. Learn to handle conflict wisely and patiently.

10. Find a mentor.