A few thoughts on World Vision

If you have no idea what this is about, click here: Why We’re Hiring Gay Christians in Same-Sex Marriages

A few thoughts:

First, it’s absurd to think that a ministry can defer theology to the church. As soon as you begin talking about ministry or mission, take off your sandals you’re on theological holy ground. Those are weighty theological concepts that cannot be defined otherwise. As soon as one asks the point of the mission, only a theological answer will do.

Second, it’s also absurd to say that the adjustment in policy makes no affirmation of the same-sex lifestyle. Of course it does. It’s a public declaration that unrepentant homosexuality is not a disqualification for Christian service. Paul would have said it’s a disqualification for the kingdom of God. Stearns doesn’t even make it a disqualification for his ministry, and make no mistake, his statement is a theological one.

Third, it’s a gospel issue. Minimizing sin minimizes the cross. World Vision has just made the world a darker place, where more unrepentant “Christians” will be affirmed though they remain enemies of God. Wherever the call for repentance is ignored under a guise of love and acceptance, the gospel is weakened. When World Vision okays the homosexual lifestyle, they sling mud on the cross, denying it’s ability to save, transform, redeem, and reconcile.


Getting to know Gosnell

I hadn’t heard anything about the Gosnell trial until yesterday. When I caught up with it, and learned about the dude and what he’d been doing, I was sickened. And what’s even more sad is that the major media outlets aren’t making a peep about it. Here are the numbers:

gosnell by the numbers


Instead of writing my own piece about the horrors that have been going on, I’ll just link to all the articles I’ve seen floating around. This is an outrage, and people need to know about it.

Here’s an article from the Atlantic: Why Dr. Kermit Gosnell’s Trial Should Be a Front Page Story.

Here’s Trevin Wax’s blog on the Gospel Coalition website: 8 Reasons for the Media Blackout on Kermit Gosnell.

Russell Moore wrote a piece called Kermit Gosnell and the Gospel.

Joe Carter writes 9 Things You Should Know about the Gosnell Infanticide and Murder Trial.



Doug Wilson: Rob Bell and the nature of arrogance

“Epistemological humility” among Christians who claim the Bible is the Word of God bugs me. That is, the idea that true humility consists in the understanding that we can never really know anything with absolute certainty, and that any authoritative truth claims are arrogant.

Which is why I loved this video. Doug Wilson hits a grand slam.

Don’t be a “if-you-don’t-believe-exactly-the-same-as-I-do-you’re-probably-not-saved” Christian. But also don’t slink into the teeming mass of evangelicals who are afraid to make a point, or who believe if we just could really understand one another we’d all actually be saying the same thing.


No idea

For sad proof that too many people have no idea what the gospel is, peruse the comments of Miles McPherson’s blog post.

Maybe the worst (I didn’t look at them all):

Wow, I’m amazed at some of the comments. I’ve been a Chrisitian for almost 30 years and when I started to watch fox news recently (actually I started watching Glenn when he was on CNN) I wondered who this man was. Many times he had on Christian guests and spoke about spiritual things and I began wondering who this Glenn Beck was. When I looked into it and discovered he was Mormon, I had a moment of “Can this really be???” He is so Christ like and the fruit of the spirit is evedent. So I have decided he is a born again Chrisitian and just doesn’t know it. There are Chrisitians and non Chrisitians sitting in the pews of all denominations and I’ve seen more of a Christ like nature in Glenn Beck then I have seen in many of the people sitting in my own church. God can choose whomever he wants to preach the gospel and for what ever reason, for such a time as this, God has an opened a door through this man – to be honest – I’m not sure I’ve EVER seen him invite a mormon preacher on his show………. ever!!!!! In all the time I’ve been watching him he has never proclaimed mormonism. I thank Miles for participating in this attempt to reach people and to try and get the message out there that our country needs God more now that ever before. It was awesome to hear that message.

Why don’t we talk like this anymore?

Dear John,

In reply to yours, I beg leave to say that our labor at Honley was not in vain. A new class has been formed, and about a dozen have gone to it. Two found peace. Praise the Lord!

We shall rise. All hell is on the move, but we must go round the bulwarks of our Zion, and mark well her palaces, and we shall ultimately and finally triumph over all. I say all.

Go on, John, in the work. Live near to God. Be a giant in religion; one of the first and best men in your day. Plead with God. Live in the glory. ‘Advance’ is the Christian’s motto.

Onward to certain victory over sin, the world, and hell. Trample down worldly, fashionable conformity. Know the will of God and do it. Do it heartily, cheerfully, fully, eternally, and heaven will be your guide, defense, and all in all.

Our kind respects,

And in your prayers, remember


I found this letter in Spurgeon’s Eccentric Preachers. How I wish that we in the faith still talked with such fervor and earnest! It is only style that has changed, or are we only half-hearted creatures playing at this thing called Christianity?

What the Television Has Done to Us

“Television is our culture’s principal mode of knowing about itself. Therefore—and this is the critical point—how television stages the world becomes the model for how the world is properly to be staged. It is not merely that on the television screen entertainment is the metaphor for all discourse.  It is that off the screen the same metaphor prevails. As typography once dictated the style of conducting politics, religion, business, education, law, and other important social matters, television now takes command. In courtrooms, board rooms, churches, and even airplanes, Americans no longer talk to each other, they entertain each other.”

Neil Postman, Amusing Ourselves to Death: Public Discourse in the Age of Show Business, pg. 92

Here’s an *entertaining* illustration of how video grabs our attention.

Television is a drug. from Beth Fulton on Vimeo.

Proletariat vs. Pundit: A Level Playing Field

Dr. John MacArthur writes about the impact of the web on our culture, and it’s sobering:

Meanwhile, the ease, immediacy, and affordability of Internet publishing has leveled the playing field between pundits and the proletariat. Anyone can start a blog, for free. Anyone with a computer (or cell phone) and an Internet connection can instantly broadcast his every opinion worldwide. Novices and scholarly authorities alike can employ the same media. Those who are most adept at gathering an audience are the ones who are being heard, not necessarily those most qualified to speak.

For the whole article, go here.