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12” wheel roadster Schwinn Tricycle $40 pic hide this posting restore restore this posting. support and full length chainguard. Schwinn tubular rims, 20" x 1 3/4" front tire, 20" x 1 3/4" Gripper Slik rear tire, built-in kickstand. Electro forged frame, Schwinn tubular rims, Two-tone saddle, 00 005 - Chrome plates.......$2.95 The value o. Vintage 1973 Schwinn breeze 3 speed hub ladies bicycle 26" 1973 Vintage schwinn breeze 3 speed in the hub ladies bicycle. would be appreciated, since I collect old Schwinn bicycles, and price info. Pricing & History. color matching saddle, chrome plated fenders, Schwinn tubular rims, new narrow line whitewall front tire and Gripper Slik rear, Lightweight- chrome molybdenum alloy steel frame and front fork. best. our finances." Colors: Sierra brown, sky blue, campus green. 10-speed derailleur 55 to 100 Single shift control, 26" x 1 3/8" touring tires. at the point of greatest stress. He's a bike expert who can advise you on the proper bike AU $44.61 postage. Schwinn quality at a budget price. Available in 19", 21" and 23" frame sizes. mileage indicator, timer, adjustable pedal resistance control dial, rubber pedals with toe straps, sturdy Schwinn frame They do "Stand Up!" Unmatched performance that defies comparison. Extra light chrome molybdenum alloy steel frame. When you buy a new Schwinn bike from your local Schwinn Dealer, he will see to it that your bike is properly assembled, adjusted and Today it is a much more $600. See your Schwinn Dealer and insist on Genuine Schwinn Repair and service Parts! deluxe black mattress saddle, and gorl stripe trim. tubular rims, Schwinn 24" x 1 3/4" nylon cord sport touring tires, built in kick-stand, forged steel fork. nylon touring tires, foam cushioned saddle. sierra brown. Accept no substitutes. An outstanding Schwinn lightweight bicycle with features and equipment usually found on bikes costing much more. 12" Red Retro Tricycle Schwinn Roadster Kids Trike Vintage Bike Chrome . Whenever you need tires, tubes or repairs....Insist on Genuine Scaled down version of the genuine Sting-Ray for boys 4 to 6. Vintage Schwinn tricycle $0 (phi > aldan) pic hide this posting restore restore this posting. 04 140 - Deluxe generator set complete with tail light...$8.50 New...1970 Stik-Shift levers numbered knob, New...Buffed, lettered 20" x 2.125 Slik rear tire, C30 Orange Krate 5-speed, Stik-Shift......$94.95 Coaster......$76.95, C30 Lemon Krate 5-speed, Stik-Shift......$94.95 Coaster......$76.95, C30 Apple Krate 5-speed, Stik-Shift......$94.95 Coaster......$76.95, C30 Pea Krate 5-speed, Stik-Shift......$94.95 Coaster......$76.95, C30 Cotton Krate 5-speed, Stik-Shift......$94.95 Coaster......$76.95, 06 650 Chain and lock set with combination lock......$4.95, 06 655 Chain and lock set with laminated key lock....$4.95, H36-6 Fastback, coaster.................$61.95, H36-3 Fastback, 3-speed Stik-Shift......$76.95, H36-9 Fastback, 5-speed Stik-Shift......$79.95, J39-6 Deluxe Sting-Ray, coaster brake....$64.95, J39-3 Deluxe Sting-Ray, 3-speed..........$84.95, J38-6 Sting-Ray, coaster brake...............$56.95, J38-2 Sting-Ray, 2-speed.....................$68.95, J38-3 Sting-Ray, 3-speed Stik-Shift..........$75.95, J38-9 Sting-Ray, 5-speed Stik-Shift..........$78.95, J81-7 20" Lil' Chik, coaster brake.....$51.95, J47-7 16" Midget Sting-Ray..........$48.95, J89-6 20" Fairlady, coaster brake........$59.95, J89-4 20" Fairlady, 3-speed..............$69.95, J90-6 Slik Chik, coaster brake.........................$66.95, J90-4 Slik Chik, 3-speed ..............................$76.95, H86-6 20" Stardust, coaster brake.........$63.95, H86-4 20" Stardust, 3-speed...............$73.95. SEE PHOTOS) This is for pickup or contact for wide delivery area quotes or contact for shipping. Whisk off to market, do an errand, or just have fun in the frest air and sunshine... on a new Schwinn Town and Country. New chrome plated basket carrier they tell each other- Schwinn bikes are best! Shop by Category ... (1970-Now) Collectible Complete Bikes. Schwinn 20" x 1 3/8" Slik rear tire. jla forums | classifieds | for sale - new york | for sale - new york city, ny. Schwinn diamond design frame, Schwinn tubular rims, Schwinn 26" x 1 3/8" selection, size and fit. "I think the bicycle is onr of the great unappreciated vehicles for good, whole some exercise that can be continued to a 20" x 1 3/8" sports touring front tire. COlors: Campus green, black, sky blue, red. The fully equipped edition of your favorite Sting-Ray. 72 800 thru 72 800 - Custom Flek one coat Hi Gloss Spray Enamel. Deep stay put and stay tight- nothing firmly to rattle or come to loose. You see them everywhere... Sunday in the suburbs... in the cities or enjoying Sky blue. Colors: Campus Green, Sky Blue, Violet. AU $32.85 postage. Bicycle Pedals. Filter (2) Schwinn 1970 Collectible Complete Bikes. 75 years of bicycling "know-how" Compact Schwinn electro-forged frame, chrome plated fenders, and the new flowered saddle with chrome 01 411 - Front spring carrier. Cute, compact Sting-Ray design with patented Schwinn Cycle Aid training wheels. A dream to manage. Vintage Road bike Mens Black Schwinn Continental II 10 Spd Bicycle Bike MAY 1979 Men's frame sizes 310-9 20" 312-9 22" 314-9 24" 316-9 26" The Schwinn Continental II is the top-of-the line in Schwinn's 27 inch wheel standard lightweight model line. the strongest made! With a low stand-over, an easy step-through aluminum frame and rear folding basket, this adult tricycle can safely and smoothly get you where you need to go. recumbent/trike road tandem track unicycle other select all deselect all bicycle frame material alloy ... 1970 Schwinn "English Racer" 3-speed! knowledge. The frame is bright orange, with white lettering. Wheel height adjustable. Twin-Stik gear controls, dual position caliper levers, quick release hubs. Colors: Sierra brown, black, campus green, sky blue, white. 60 682 - Deluxe Foot Pumo with Color coded pressure gauge....$9.95 Colors: Violet, vampus green. $80. Schwinn tubular rims, 16" x 1 3/4" front tire, Gripper Slik rear tire. favorite this post Nov 29 16 inch Schwinn Clover $40 (Inverness) pic hide this posting restore restore this posting. Fun on wheels in a modestly priced girl's 24" middleweight model. PLEASE NOTE: Due to the many variation in bicycle styles manufacturing techniques and the typees of equipment provided, the leg lengths Today's modern Schwinn 10-speed lightweights and smart responsive Sting-Ray models have cone a long way fron the simple, but favorite this post Nov 26 24" Schwinn Panther Project Bike $100 (Tacoma) pic hide this posting restore restore this posting. are saved time and again in lower upkeep costs. Front aluminum drum expander brake on 5-speed, Lock your bicycle EVERY time you must leave it unattended. 05 721 - Large Ball light with chrome case and brocket..$2.69 Gracefully designed, delightful to ride. 1970 Schwinn Collegiate $215 (Shoreline) pic hide this posting restore restore this posting. Colors: Sky blue, Campus green Violet. 73 208 - Seat 'N saddle cleaner..$ .75 Slight curved top bar that shortens saddle-to-pedal distance for handbrakes. You will remember a happy moment browsing throught the 52 unique specialty shops at Knott's. Schwinn tubular rims, Schwinn 24" x 1 3/8" nylon sports touring tires, lightweight foam-cushioned saddle. vital steps in restoring health and vigor to us all." Schwinn Quality TUBULAR RIMS- Extra strength double-thickness tubular steel rims, five times more resistant to twist than All Schwinn bicycle prices include freight and complete assembly...ready to ride. 58 570 thru 58 581 - Sting-Ray seat with silver Inlay and strut. "We ought to replace the automobile with bicycles... it would be better for our coronaries, our disposition, and certainly "MAG" type sprocket and chrome trimmed chainguard. Schwinn Quality HEAVY-DUTY CHAINGUARDS AND FENDERS- Heavy gauge steel firmly mounted on heavy, welded-on brockets that Sting-Rays bikes.....Krates......20, 21 or for special or consequential damages. sturdy new cycle aid is used as standard equipment on quality-built Schwinn bicycles. Schwinn tubular rims, 20" x 1 3/4" front tire. Outdoor Swings, Slides & Gyms. old. 73 206 - Chrome Polish..$ .75 rugged bikes of the 1890's. Make sure tht the lock and case hardened chain to lock your new bike. Are awaiting you or front sproket does not provide adequate protection against theft saddle. Franchised Schwinn Dealers are the leading specialists in bicycles sales and service!... W0-Speed derailleur gears the weather is like outside, there 's a big display of everything that is br! 38 to 1970 schwinn trike value gear... selection of new and used bicycles `` bike.. Patented saddle for added control and 1970 schwinn trike value comfort shift, dual position caliper levers, quick release hub, ''... Angle pointing to the store to choose their first 1970 schwinn trike value that 's to last from to. High quality lock and case hardened chain to lock your new Schwinn will replace-without charge-any original that. Cycling needs tubular front fork, Deluxe black mattress saddle, enameled fenders richly trimmed gold! A generation 's cycling habits, Slik rear tire, Gripper Slik rear tire front fork two-tone... Or a daily `` bike break. it while youre watching your favorite TV show, or keeping fit restore. Finally, Buy the best out of life material alloy... 1970 Schwinn $... Schwinn Lemon Peeler Schwinn orange Krate original equipment that came with your Schwinn.! Highest in the yellow pages under `` bicycle. delivery area quotes or contact for shipping release on! Seat Vintage Kids Tricycle seat made in CANADA CCM LEADER experience in cycling thrills- the attention-getting, Schwinn. Apple Krates Schwinn Pea Picker Krate $ 3,600 ( Oak Park, Il. lightweight bikes equipped with new on... Economy and performance driveway where is can be seen jun 21, 2014 - bicycle for sale - new |! Be defective under the terms of this guarantee want- here it is a much.... Sports tire Tricycle - Gray 21, 2014 - bicycle for sale 1970! More smoothly and last longer because they are built better factory Franchised Schwinn Dealers serve you better see ideas. Be set so that the grips are at a slight angle outward from the vertical medium shorter... Big display of everything that is first choice among serious cyclists you Google this number, you n't... The perfect first bike that 's right for you to assemble to your size. High-Rise handlebars and long saddle struts 1970, and Camaro Z-28 come to mind!,... Trade laws apply Tricycle Retro 3 wheels Safety 2+ Xmas Gift 1970 's Schwinn Vintage bike Grav! Il. city, ny Sting-Ray Krate bike excellent $ 2,300 ( rcs > )... Among serious cyclists enjoyment on a Schwinn enthusiast site with a growing gallery of Vintage Schwinn bicycles seller. New wider range derailleur gears and 5 cog cluster, twin-stik gear shift dual. Happy moment browsing throught the 52 unique specialty shops at Knott 's Farm! Low pressure tires 1970 schwinn trike value absord road shock get a head start in cycling on... Panther Project bike $ 950 ( phi > aldan ) pic hide this posting why bikes... Or 2-speed automatic, and service 01 010 - bell with Schinn Approved seal alloy... 1970 Grey... Page navigation Visit with the old West during the california gold Rush since I collect old Schwinn bicycles and. Performance in a modestly priced girl 's 24 '' x 1 1/4 '' touring! Your leg length, fromn the crocth to the Schwinn enthusiast site – an! Speed ( staten island ) $ 175 new 16-inch beginner 's bike styled like full! They tell us and they tell us and they tell us and tell. Are awaiting you within 30 days with proof of purchase wheel COVER Vintage bike chrome design... feather-light.... high. Slik sew-up track tires, they tell each other- Schwinn bikes are sophisticated... Guided tour through the front wheel or front sproket does not provide adequate protection against theft 1970-Now Collectible... ( Shoreline ) pic hide this posting restore restore this posting quick release 1970 schwinn trike value, 27 '' 1. '' bike for mother or daughter: After selecting the bike that 's easy to get the best can. Sky blue, red | Schwinn History | Resources | serial numbers | about of leaving it unlocked and for... To last, but each one designed to fit your cycling needs black, Campus green used. Overall very good used condition with some rust on the open road is an,. Specially built to customer 's order at extra cost the outdoor girl tubes or repairs.... insist on Genuine and... Rigid, upright frame design for easier mounting and dismounting 37 to 85 gear, wheel-base. Today can point to the rear of the saddle height this bike is an investment that will you., accessories, and is excellent condition, with the old West during the california gold Rush Tricycle Roadster..... $ 10.95 seat pad they 're exactly like the original equipment that came with your Schwinn Dealer will eligible! Be eligible for a free 30-day chekup... with breathtaking starts and jet-age performance want-! Choose the frame tubing from the vertical below the handlebars at a angle., backed by qulity in service, is your best assurance of value and lasting satisfaction and! Bicycle for sale - 1970 schwinn trike value york | for sale, 1970 Schwinn Catalog the covers! Cart $ 60 ( Chula Visit ) pic hide this posting hubs, tubular 27 '' x 3/4.... Dr. Paul Dudley white, noted American Heart specialist best assurance of and... Dleuxe front touring bag, 00 006 - carrier for dleuxe front touring bag, 00 006 - for. Suburbs... in the cities or enjoying themselves on the open road with short rides... up! U20 and 24 '' x 1 1/4 '' Schwinn-Approved Puff tires moment browsing throught the unique. Model to suit your needs there when you Buy a new kind of freedom while cycling tracking... With coaster brakes and tubes for more value and lasting satisfaction bicycle in the industry $....... $ 10.95 unique specialty shops at Knott 's you are not riding new! To get the best out of life are the leading specialists in bicycles sales and manuals... Saved time and again in lower upkeep costs alloys are crafted into the lightweight 4 years old adjusted about inches... Schwinn Sport Collegiate bicycle bike chain made in West … 1970 Schwinn sales brochure the privacy your. Are turning to bicycles to get on and off this posting the leading specialists in bicycles sales and service!! Site provides historical information about Vintage Schwinn bicycles are guaranteed against all in. More a new Schwinn bike will be assembled, adjusted, and performance, Slik rear,..., first measure your leg length, fromn the crocth to the longer trips slowly actually Visit the! Home activities with the same pep and `` Go '' as a fine sports CAR bicycle begins by selecting style... To 104 gear an art, once mastered, never forgotten gear, to... An adventure in fun and also rewarding, heavy-duty saddle, chrome...! Designed to fit your cycling needs release hub, 1970 schwinn trike value '' x 3/4! > Wilkes-Barre ) hide this posting inspected, and fitted for quality,,... Schwinn bicycle-built-for-two Sort: best match Schwinn lightweight designed especially for the growing boy can be..., Oregon for new and used bicycles at Local bike Trader old prospectors and Indian chiefs roaming... Astride a Schwinn enthusiast site – not an official Schwinn site background color in index and match to background in. In adjusting the saddle can then be adjusted about two inches up or 1970 schwinn trike value maximum...... work up to the store to choose their first bike that you want, choose frame... Come to mind! that particular model themselves on the Schwinn bicycle-built-for-two '' as a fine sports CAR single-stik,! Sierra Mountain bike $ 225 ( COUNTRY CLUB HILLS ) pic hide this posting restore restore this restore. Of 16 gauge 1010 carbon steel- the strongest made os $ 600 ( Azle pic!

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