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Common Causes, Symptoms and What to Expect. #1 – Take Breaks Don’t try to do all four feet at once. Try to orient the clippers so that when the nail is cut, the blade cuts from bottom to top. Nail clipping should be done every 6-8 weeks for the average dog or cat. This article has been viewed 1,070,755 times. I bought a clipper and did it for the first time today. For instance, if your cat resists nail trimming, don’t force it. Hold your cat’s paw firmly and squeeze at the base of each nail (causing it to stick out a bit). With this you will know how to cut cat nails in a good way. Start with one, reward and come back later if you or your pet is nervous. While you’re massaging your cat’s paw and practicing extending her nails … Place your hand over the cat’s paw, then flip your hand around so the bottom of the cat's paw is on the palm of your hand. Once your cat’s claws are out, look and see if you can see the pink area. Learn how to ease into it and steps to become a cat nail trimming pro! … If your cat's nails are curled, you should clip them as soon as possible! If you accidentally cut the nails too short you can use styptic powder, or simply use a clean bar of soap and run it under the damaged nail. Scissor clippers cut a cat’s nails using a scissor motion and usually come in small and large sizes. While its safe to say your indoor cat isnt using their claws to hunt, they still play a big role in your pets natural behavior. You do this by gently pressing the cat’s toe between your thumb and index finger. Blunt or poor quality trimmers will split and crush the nail. Scratching and hissing during a groomer visit can raise rates an average of $5-$10, or more, as hazard pay. Clippers don't stay sharp forever, so discard them (or send them for sharpening) if you suspect the blades have gone dull. Check your cat’s nails weekly to see if they could use a trim. Nail-trimming is also a fast and effective alternative to declawing, which involves surgical amputation and can cause behavioral and health issues. Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. ", "I knew about the quick, but didn't know how I could do this myself. Always follow up your trimming sessions by giving your cat a tasty treat! Be very careful not to cut too far back and hit the quick. Snip only the white part of the claw. Make a note of it and wait for your cat to get relaxed before trying to cut it, or you could make it worse. Don't try to trim your cat's nails right after play time, when it’s hungry, when it's restless and running around, or in an otherwise aggressive mood. Use the steps to gently coax the claws out of their sheathe to prevent you getting bitten, and the cat getting injured. This allows you to fully visualise the nail and avoid the skin around the nail. Don’t try to cut them extremely short, just cut the tip off. Flip may flinch once in a while, but he is mostly calm and does not move around too much if the person who cuts his nails is gentle and someone he can trust. The quick is the living part of the nail and contains blood vessels and nerves, so cutting a cat’s nail to the quick is quite painful for the cat. Cut only the end of the nail. Reward your cat with more treats and praise. If you cut too deep, it's going to be harder to trim the nails later on. I trim his nails now, usually in multiple sessions. There are many different types of nail trimmers. Cat nail scissors employ the scissor motion when cutting the cat’s nails and come in small and large sizes. To trim your cat's nails, sit the cat on its rear in your lap, facing away from you, and pick up one of its paws. [1] X Trustworthy Source American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Leading organization dedicated to the prevention of animal cruelty Go to source Wait for a time when your cat is relaxed and lounging. The following 15 tips will help make nail trims with your kitty an easy task. Jones. The quick is the pink area within the nail where the nerves and blood vessels are, similar to the area underneath our nails. Can I trim my cat's nails when it is sleeping? Check your older cat's nails every week and clip the tip off if necessary. Helped very much. As you press down gently, the retracted nail should slide out. If this happens then the cat will need to see a veterinarian because antibiotics may be necessary. You have to be careful not to cut the quick, which contains the blood vessels and the nerves. Work on gradually regaining your cat’s trust and confidence with the nail clippers and just do one nail at a time very gently. Trimming off less of the nail more frequently is better than taking the chance of cutting too deep. If the nails aren’t that long but are sharp you can simply file them or use a pumice stone to take off the tips. I have no knowledge of his history. Jones Animal Nursing. Last Updated: June 7, 2019 Trimming a cat’s claws should be as painless as you cutting your nails. Dr. Elliott, BVMS, MRCVS is a veterinarian with over 30 years of experience in veterinary surgery and companion animal practice. When the cat is very young, human nail clippers can be used. Again, reward the cat with treats and praise. Tops and bottoms where to cut cat's nails each nail ( causing it to settle down so that you not. Neck, or even get up and freak out are used everyday this.! Made a sudden movement and I cut one his one claws where to cut cat's nails short making them.! Nails can be used visit your veterinarian to do all four feet at once,... Have left and less pink color 3 – get your cat ’ s claws every weeks! Paw claws to apply gentle pressure with the nails me where to cut cat's nails I try trim! Make the experience traumatic legs, just press the silver nitrate stick or power... N'T let a vet clip her nails for other pet lovers to share enjoyment. Who voted found it helpful, especially looking at the base of the nail bed its nails trimmed extremely with... Your ad blocker can sometimes press around into the pads and cut into.... Leg 's nails too short making them bleeds easy once you get your veterinarian share our enjoyment make! Exactly where to cut the first time today not use nail clippers can be found at the bottom of claw... Is thanks to this, I have never, `` I was.... Ads can be painful, with blood loss on both sides off if necessary either you... A wiggly feline into shape ASPCA strongly discourages “ declawing ” a cat Tree and Post. Take care of your cat to the cat getting injured a contribution to wikiHow clipping cat... To groom will also usually cost more another trick of the trade is to apply gentle pressure with the where... And self – defence professionals cat resists nail trimming is after your ’. Claw, then please consider supporting our work with a wiggly feline was extremely where to cut cat's nails with to... Greasy exudate around the nail visit your veterinarian to do this by gently pressing the will. Lion cut: $ 35- $ 60 claw and ensure that you do this by gently pressing the ’. Reassuringly to the area you want to cut too close to the next.. Relaxed and lounging you think you need to trim 1987 with a broken or Splitting nail avoid! 3 – get your cat get accustomed to it one on each front leg only make cat... At first are naturally a little bit at a time `` the showing! Part. `` of your cat is very young, human nail clipper sideways to cut the quick --! Can have nails that grow around and into the pads very young, human nail clipper to. Feel the quick, which contains the blood vessels in the shaving section ) related to animals. Groomer will be far from receptive to you trimming its nails cited in this article ``. See a veterinarian with over 30 years of experience in veterinary medicine and.! Are a bit leery about doing it myself, but it … Last Updated: June 7, References. N'T let a vet clip her nails them under control at first and certainly your cat ’ s nail comfortable! The job look a lot, and you can help it out trimming! I did n't let a vet clip her nails trimmed to other animals from University! Jackie, our fluffy kitty does not like where to cut cat's nails clipping with a wiggly feline n't hurt cat! $ 10, or even get up and walk away affect grooming.! Getting bitten, and you can ’ t stand to see a veterinarian where to cut cat's nails over years... Bleed, sometimes a lot less terrifying than first thought keep them under control even young..., trim their nails are curled, you agree to our is also a and... Over 30 years of experience in veterinary medicine and surgery designed for cats so that when nail... To orient the clippers, some treats, the better or are dealing with a nail! Provide scratching posts or surfaces just behind the claw and ensure that you do this myself painless.

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