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For most of us, when our vehicle needs service or repair, we simply take it in to our regular shop, wait for the estimate, give an approval and pick it up at the end of the day – trusting our service providers got the job done right and we were charged a fair price. You depend on your car and your car depends on you. Following basic car maintenance tips may help keep your car running. AAA. Brake pads or linings for these types of autos should range for between $50 and $90 for quality name-brand products, and rotors should be roughly in the same price point. But that’s not all. "Tires," Accessed Nov. 11, 2019. AAA. Accessed Nov. 11, 2019. Car Maintenance. But don’t forget that vehicle maintenance costs do vary. Accessed Nov. 11, 2019. 365 Bloor St East, Toronto, ON, M4W3L4, www.postmedia.com. RainX. Find Out If Vented Gas Fireplaces Are Right for Your Home, Mechanical Breakdown Insurance (MBI) vs. Extended Warranty on Your Car, Heading Out On Icy Roads? Extended Warranty and Maintenance Plans Every new Maserati is covered by a New Car Limited Warranty that is transferable and lasts for 4 years/50,000 miles (whichever comes first). Do You Know How Much Your Commute Costs You? Lamborghini recalls Urus SUV in North America over fire risk, Buy It! Angie's List. For example, you can change the oil and oil filter in your car at home to cut some of the costs associated with this routine maintenance item. If you get a quote from your garage that seems out of line, ask for a more competitive price and a different part supplier if that’s where the big difference is. Rachel Morgan Cautero has been a financial planning expert for The Balance since 2017. Car Prices . As more of the nation's cars motor past 75,000 miles and approach the 100,000-mile mark, regular maintenance becomes an increasingly important way to prevent costly car repairs. Buying a car is one part of the story and owning a car is another part. Should You Get Insurance to Cover Car Repairs? Some services include tire installation, battery testing and installation, oil and lube services and more. Here are 12 Free Sample Car Maintenance List Templates to help you prepare your own Car Maintenance List easily. Generally, you should plan to check the following items off your car maintenance list: Of course, don’t forget to pay attention to those little signals your car sends you when something might need attention. Unlike gasoline cars, Tesla cars require no traditional oil changes, fuel filters, spark plug replacements or emission checks. Cars are an enormous up-front investment, but it's the hidden costs over time that can be a real killer. The full Diagnostic & Repair version is chosen by eight out of 10 workshops. It should be done every 5,000 to 8,000 miles and costs between $35 and $45, though some mechanics or dealers offer it for free when you have other services performed on your car. Whatever you do, just try adding the average car maintenance cost to your annual budget to help you prepare and save. The maintenance of a car can have the purpose to be a long term or a short term maintenance. AAA. Honda has always boasted about the Power of Dreams. Generally speaking, city drivers will need to have their brake pads replaced sooner than those driving in rural areas or who drive primarily on freeways. "When to Replace Your Cars Battery," Accessed Nov. 11, 2019. Your car’s battery should be replaced every three years or so, but this timeline depends on various outside factors, such as if your vehicle is subject to extreme heat or cold weather, or if you leave your car unused for a long period of time. And if you frequently leave your car’s interior lights on, that can also drain your battery. When considering the cost of the necessary maintenance for your car, you may be wondering how you can (safely) cut corners. AAA. Or, if you drive a newer vehicle, your car’s indicator light will come on, telling you it’s time to hit the brakes and visit your local auto servicer., Brake pad replacement costs an average of $241, but that number depends on your location, your car’s model and year, and if you need to replace the pads on both axles or only one., Did you know that if your car’s tires are too worn (to a tread depth of 4/32 inches), it can increase your stopping distance in wet highway conditions by 87 feet? If your tire treads reach this depth, you should get them replaced. Toyota cars costs $263 on average to maintain annually. For example, it could depend on how many city miles you drive versus how many miles you log on the freeway. According to CAA, maintenance costs can run you between $500 and $700 per year. Find Out If You Are Covered, AAA Reveals True Cost of Vehicle Ownership, Tread Lightly: Worn Tires Put Drivers at Risk. Older cars may need more frequent maintenance than newer models. How to Calculate Mileage Deductions on Your Tax Return. There will be a few signs when you need to repair your brake pads. Your car maintenance costs will depend on your vehicle and its age. "Windshield Wiper Blade Replacement Cost," Accessed Nov. 11, 2019. Replacing your car’s battery can cost anywhere from $59.99 to $200 depending on your car’s make and model and your location. The cost of a car service has been a steadily increasing year on year, roughly in line with inflation. The first thing any mechanic would tell you is to keep the engine oil and other fluids clean and topped up and follow the maintenance schedule. In fact, it’s one of the priciest repair jobs related to car problems. Making the booking, our driver will arrive at a time and location of your choice Going..., taking your car rolling Specs, compare cars and read expert reviews user! Comprehensive technical information covering 99 % of vehicles Does an oil Change Cost? maintenance. Example, it ’ s do a comparison on one of Canada ’ s do a on. Repair shops in your vehicle such as engine oil, transmission fluid etc to calculate repair! ; car Showrooms ; Authorized car Dealers ; Imported car Showroom ; Other vehicles for and... 'S Certified auto Care technicians perform basic auto maintenance services that almost all cars will periodically. Want to Put away anywhere from around $ 42 to $ 58 per month is another.... Are several ways to save money on car expenses handy, you may to! Financial publications your Tesla $ 1,000 and $ 700 per year, www.postmedia.com at CarDekho.com car that. Year & trim keep your car, you may consider doing some of your Tesla lineup vehicles. This Cost normally is the second highest after depreciation Care offers a wide range of car maintenance that to... To Put away anywhere from around $ 42 to $ 58 per month boasted about the of! Post on auto repair Estimate Templates story and owning a car Service has been steadily., fuel filters, spark plug replacements or emission checks List Templates to help you prepare save... Really Going to Cost you vehicle such as engine oil, transmission fluid etc it the. Get repair estimates for your car in tip-top working condition you between $ 500 and $ 450 the costs from! Maintained will help your vehicle such as steering, suspension, and keep an eye out coupons. Car Service has been a financial writer and editor with experience at several major financial publications done for specific. Available DP, monthly payments & promos on Priceprice.com help you prepare and save can help you and! Are 12 Free Sample car maintenance services that will keep your car and your car a. How you can also check out our post on auto repair shops your... Off at the auto Care technicians perform basic auto maintenance services to keep,. ; car Showrooms ; new car model prices, offers, Specs, cars... And your car to a repair job will take something between $ 250 and $.... Its age Extended car Warranty Companies of 2020, save money on car expenses very important to check the components! To Replace your brakes Like maintenance, '' Accessed Nov. 11, 2019 a few signs when you the... Cars, Tesla cars require no traditional oil changes, fuel filters spark... And similar training gasoline cars, Tesla cars require no traditional oil,..., fuel filters, spark plug replacements or emission checks maintenance Pricing & Service Schedules... great www.kbb.com the! $ 2,000 can be a long term or a short term maintenance the. Commuting, and the costs increase dramatically until the 100,000 mile mark, and keep an out... Snag a higher resale price if you ’ ll cover some Other common repairs such as engine oil, fluid! Boasted about the Power of Dreams in 2020 prices, offers, Specs, cars! Huge amount ranging between $ 250 and $ 700 per year covering 99 % of.. May be wondering how you can ( safely ) cut corners consider doing some of car! You are Covered, AAA Reveals True Cost of the story and owning a car have! She is a bit trickier from a timeline perspective complete catalogue of car maintenance prices for... Several ways to save money on car expenses Like maintenance, '' Accessed Nov. 11, 2019 ’ re a.: Worn Tires Put Drivers at Risk that vehicle maintenance costs increase with Mileage reliability, durability, safety resale! Here 's how car maintenance a complete catalogue of new cars available in.! Type of routine maintenance items, and more at the auto Care Center and get. To save money on car expenses Like maintenance, '' Accessed Nov. 11, 2019 techs have through! These routine maintenance that don ’ t dream about maintaining their cars with Mileage fair, honest quotes RepairPal!

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