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Each piece of coordinating Smartcore®PRO molding is 94” long and composed of a waterproof core wrapped ... Used when installing Smartcore® touch to the front stair edge. Installation Instructions – Flush-mount Stairnose application 1) Measure stair width and cut the Stairnose profile to fit 1.1) Install LVF floor on … Cut Stair Cap and Track to same wi th glue o r molding ape, and p ess ... Smartcore … INSTALLATION … 872019 MORE SMARTCORE ® UESTIOS Cal 1-800-355-742 n elec ptio wic S abl spañol) EXCLUSIVEL AT LOWE’S ® Follow these simple steps for an easy DIY installation with quick, professional results. ** Remove PAD from floor planks before installation on stairs.

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