list of greek philosophers

He proposed water as the basic underlying component of the world. He believed that in the physical world, everything contains a portion of everything else. For him, the highest of forms was that of the ‘good’, which he took as the cause of being and knowledge. He re wrote many of the previously written concepts in philosophy and sciences. All Rights Reserved. Like his mentor Socrates, Plato was a critic of democracy. He founded the Academy in Athens that was the western society’s first institution of higher learning. He believed that people’s concepts and all of their knowledge were ultimately based on perception. At a time when human knowledge was still far too generalized, he broke down this knowledge into distinct categories such as ethics, biology, mathematics, and physics – a classification pattern still used today. As a philosopher, Thales rarely confined his research to the limited area of contemporary knowledge and was actively engaged in understanding various aspects of knowledge such as philosophy, mathematics, science, and geography. Anaximenes 4. This list will introduce you to the top 10, so sit comfortably and get ready for some wisdom! And in turn, it becomes a paradox because it is impossible to think of what “is not,” and again, it is also impossible to think of something that cannot be thought of. Aristotle and many more. Some legends also indicate that he was the first to teach that the Earth was round. Ancient Greece was indeed the birthplace of hundreds of eminent philosophers that broke away from the usual thinking that was dominated by blind faith and supernatural beliefs. Some historians claim that he was a pupil of the famous philosopher named Xanophanes as most of his preaching, thoughts and poems are heavily influenced by him. He thought that change is the fundamental essence of the universe, as stated in the famous saying, "No man ever steps in the same river twice". But while Socrates was relentlessly occupied with interpreting philosophy based on human reasoning, Plato combined the two major approaches of pre-Socratic metaphysics and natural theology with Socratic ethical theology. He was an answer seeker for which he roamed the cities and markets and had open discussions with people he met randomly. The most well-known ancient Greek Philosopher of all time, Socrates, was a master stonemason and social critic. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. Belonging to the pre Socrates era, Pythagoras was an influential mathematician as well as a philosopher who is best known for his theory called Pythagoras Theorem. Thales of Miletus gets the top spot on this list for representing a pivotal point in ancient Greek philosophy from which subsequent generations of famous thinkers, theorists, dialectics, meta physicists, and philosophers sprouted. Socrates embarked a whole new perspective of achieving practical results through application of philosophy in our daily lives. He regarded the world as perfect harmony and aimed his teaching on how to lead a harmonious life. Plato wrote one of the first and most influential works on politics, The Republic, which described an ideal or Utopian society. Their esoteric philosophical ideas on primitive natural science as well as the ethical application of their philosophical values in society earned them the recognition that lives to this day. 14 Facts about W.EB. Licenced by the Greek National Tourism Organization Reg. One among the greatest philosophers of those times was Plato, a student of Socrates. Socrates then chose death by suicide over exile from his homeland of Athens. It was at this school that Pythagoras tried to find a mutual harmony between real life and the practical aspects of philosophy. The alphabetical list of philosophers is so large it had to be broken up into several pages. In epistemology, understood dialectic to … I’d give you a pat on the back and a hearty “Well Done,” my boy. In physics, he agreed with many Pythagorean views. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.”A student of Plato and the teacher of Alexander the Great, Aristotle is considered one of the world’s greatest ancient philosophers. Sophist. Among the pre-Socratic philosophers (those who were in the limelight before the time of Socrates), he is seen as one of the most significant ones. He also said that opposites attract and that fire was the base for all things in the world. To find philosophers by core area, field, major philosophical tradition, ethnicity, or time periods, see the subheadings further below. 2. Plato preached his philosophy that was based on a threefold approach, namely – ethics, dialects and physics. Am a philosophy student of deltastate university abraka,NIGERIA.Now I know that thales of miletus is the most significant philosopher,I thought it was socrate,thank you for helping me out,God bless,saugat, socrates is the greatest philosopher till date,his wisdom and philosophical thought are unimaginable. The ancient Greek philosophers brought a refreshing new approach to this contemporary philosophical paradigm. In ancient times, people had a rather strong belief in magic and mythology when it came to interpreting the world around them. Here is a list of the top 10 inventions and discoveries of ancient Greece that are remarkably used until this very day. Many consider Democritus to be the "father of modern science". Socrates embarked on a whole new perspective of achieving practical results through the application of philosophy in our daily lives, something that was largely missing in the approach of pre-Socratic philosophy.

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