how to change blue snowball settings

Fresh Spawn; APD Officer; 131 97 posts; Report; Share; Posted February 4, 2017. Now, let’s add some bass boost and treble boost to our recording: After applying the bass boost and treble boost, you will need to Normalize your track again. This is a short Audacity tutorial on how to “clean up” recordings that you’ve made with the Blue Snowball microphone. This setting is useful for recording events, such as conference room meetings and interviews. Now of course Dragon Naturally Speaking DOES indeed recommend that you use their little headsets with the wrap around microphone that comes around the side of your face, but there’s not really any talk about a hands free option that can sit on your desk. Just got a, Blue SnowBall Ice and its way too sensitive, help!! As long as the noise you are trying to filter out is quieter than your voice, this could be quite effective. Most bang for the buck? For those just wondering if the sounds quality is any good compared to what you’re used to, an easy comparison would be your built in laptop mic or desktop. As always, make sure that your Audacity track is completely highlighted. It comes with a small tripod like stand, but it’s a mini stand and that’s being generous. // Leaf Group Lifestyle. First of all: Before you begin to speak or sing, you should always make sure that you record at least 5+ seconds of silence with your Blue Snowball microphone. Plus it has the added benefit of making your desk look cool. Or is it by design? By Asim, February 4, 2017 in Off-Topic. I'm keeping it the same distance from my mouth, too. The Chrome extension “Popup Blocker Pro” is tracking your Facebook activity. I needed something that would work well with Windows 7 and Windows 8 since I have multiple machines, not to mention future updates to Windows 10 that I’ll probably be doing here shortly, while taking into account my next computer purchase. By no means is it the cheapest USB mic out there but if you care about sound quality, you use a microphone a lot and your recording needs are relatively straightforward, the Blue Snowball is definitely worth the money. Finally, you can delete the silence at the beginning of your track. Definitely can’t be beat by anything else I’ve seen for the money! In fact Dragon Naturally Speaking doesn’t even work as well as just simply using Google Docs and turning on the microphone for voice typing. lol). The Blue Snowball is a USB powered condenser microphone used for computer recording. As previously mentioned, the Blue Snowball comes without any recording software so you will need to download something if you wish to make the odd edit. Tech Support So i got a Snowball ice as ive heard its a fairly good mic for not too much money and was intending to use it mainly for my voice overs on video game play through's but the mic it just too damn sensitive, ive try adjusting settings in OBS with noise gates etc but doesnt seem to help. Is there a louder level? I just bought myself a Blue Snowball microphone. He has a variety of arts and entertainment articles published on various websites. (or whatever else I saw people on youtube doing with it! Highlight your entire track. Unfortunately it does not, but most of the time when I’m doing recordings, it’s easy enough to just pause with the click of my mouse. Select position “1” on the back of the Snowball microphone if you are recording a single sound source, such as a voice or instrument. Without the switch and the two microphone capsules, the Snowball iCE is limited to recording what is in front of it using the cardioid recording mode (for recording one voice close by), whereas the older Snowball has the option of cardioid, cardioid minus 10dB and omnidirectional (for recording sound coming from all directions). Now that I’ve successfully been able to use voice dictation software, it’s funny I learned I didn’t even need to buy Dragon Naturally Speaking at all. It really is that simple… I don’t really know how they can make it any easier. When I bought mine in December, I paid $49.99 with free shipping, but it depends on what finish you want. Assembling the microphone is very easy to do as you only need to screw the microphone on top of the tripod, connect the USB cable from the mic to your computer and let the software install itself.

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