The disruptive Word of God

For fallen humans who are prone to forge their own paths, who love autonomy and hate authority, God’s Word shatters our idea of autonomy and presents us with the objective, concrete reality that there is a Sovereign Other, who really exists outside of us, and who has the right to speak into our lives without our permission.

In this sense, God’s Word is always disruptive. If you want tidy schedules and cozy retirements and comfortable lives and uninterrupted “me” time, avoid God’s Word at all costs. Don’t want to sacrifice anything? Throw away your Bible. Ignore all it says. Your life will be more peaceful. But it is the peace of the quiet cemetery, the calmness of a coffin, the repose of a morgue.

Jesus disrupts comfortable, cozy, safe, lives. Jesus calls us to total commitment, extravagant generosity, self-sacrificing, self-denying, love. As Deitrich Boehnhoffer says, “When Christ calls a man, he bids him come and die!” That’s disruptive. Gloriously disruptive, because the Word that disrupts is the Word of Love and Grace.

If God’s Word never disrupts your life, because it’s indicating that you’ve made God in your own image. You know you’ve invented a new god when his word never contradicts you.

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