Pastoral ministry is war


Perhaps we have forgotten that pastoral ministry is war and that you will never live successfully in the pastorate if you live with a peacetime mentality. Permit me to explain. The fundamental battle of pastoral ministry is not with the shifting values of the surrounding culture. It is not the struggle with resistant people who don’t seem to esteem the gospel. It is not the fight for the success of the ministries of the church. And it is not the constant struggle of resources and personnel to accomplish the mission. No, the war of the pastorate is a deeply personal war. It is fought on the ground of the pastor’s heart. It is a war of values, allegiances, and motivations. It is about subtle desires and foundational dreams. This war is the greatest threat to every pastor. Yet it is a war that we often naively ignore or quickly forget in the busyness of local-church ministry.

Paul David Tripp, Dangerous Calling: Confronting the Unique Challenges of Pastoral Ministry, pg. 98

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  1. Probably should uptdae this site a bit more regularly. Events have come and gone, but are still on the site which could reflect lack of attention. I am always interested in what’s happening spiritually in the area of town where I live, so would love to keep tracking with what’s going on with you all! Interesting thing is my son who is a local music/sound guy downtown told me about you guys and he’s not a follower of Christ, but somebody had a conversation with him and he was impressed. Good job!!

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