Some books I’ve been in lately

The Art of Neighboring: Building Genuine Relationships Right Outside Your Door, by Jay Pathak and Dave Runyon

I’m currently listening to The Art of Neighboring on my kindle. Good, practical help for being a better neighbor. In the very least it has inspired me to be more intentional about loving my neighbor. I see this book as a prolonged application of the command to love your neighbor. The authors have been promoting the idea that we should take Jesus’ command literally; that the neighbors in the houses next to us should be primary recipients of our love. I like it, and though I think there are some statements that should require a bit more nuance, I think the message deserves a hearing.

The World and the Word: An Introduction to the Old Testament, Eugene Merrill, Mark Rooker, and Michael Grisanti.

I just finished The World and the Word by Merrill, Rooker, and Grisanti for my seminary Old Testament Introduction class. Scholarly and conservative, a blend that is rare these days. Not sure the book will appeal to most people, but it does a good job of dealing with critical issues in such a way that bolsters my confidence in inerrancy. For that, I like it.

Stunning Sentences, Bruce Ross-Larson

Also just finished reading Stunning Sentences, which basically describes different techniques that go into writing a good sentence. Probably many better books on the subject out there, but I got this one for a buck at the used book store. So there.

Keeping the Heart: How to Maintain Your Love for God, John Flavel

I’ve been in the middle of Keeping the Heart by puritan John Flavel for a while now. I’ve liked it; especially the version I’ve linked to, which has the original text with modern headings and subtitles. Makes it more readable and less threatening.



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