Where are the fearless young high schoolers?

I pray for a generation of young zealous, fearless Christians. I know a fifteen minute speech isn’t much, but I’m praying that it would be used of God to light a flame in a heart or two. Here’s an excerpt of my speech I’m giving at the Jr. High graduation:

Where are the fearless young high schoolers who take life seriously and see the world as much bigger and grander than their immediate pleasures? Where are the young people who take education seriously, and treat school as an indispensable training ground for future ministry? Where are the young people who renounce the small pleasures of being “cool” for the staggering joys of being Christ-like?

Oh, as a youth pastor, how I dream and pray for a generation of young people to see Christianity for what it really is: a glorious call to come and die—and in dying to experience the height of Christian joy. For a generation of young people who say, “To live is Christ, and to die is gain.” To shake free of the world’s death-grip around your neck and run the Christian race with passion, fervor, and zeal. Teenagers who turn off the smutty TV and read a biography about the breathtaking courage of William Wilberforce, the all-night prayer vigils of George Muller, or the evangelistic zeal of George Whitefield. Young people who get off the internet and pray and plan about how they can help the gospel into the ears of Muslim terrorists, unreached African tribesmen, and the kids sitting next to them at lunch. High schoolers who relentlessly devote themselves to purity, faithfulness, diligence, and love.

Is this that class? Will you begin the upsurge of comfort-forsaking, risk-taking, Christ-exalting work? Will you defy the wisdom of this dying world and live as fools for Christ? Will you  give your life to that which will outlast it—namely, Christ, his glory, his kingdom, his praise, his name?


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  1. Good job, Eric! Your words could be the first time they’ve thought in those terms. What an exciting prospect!

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