Are we sleepwalking through the great infanticide?

This article, by Harvard Law graduate Lea Singh, echoes much of my sentiment about abortion:

Is it just me, or is there something sickly schizophrenic about a society that huffs and puffs in outrage at the killing of a baby in the light of day, but quietly supports it when it happens in the darkness of the womb? We are talking about the very same baby here, at the exact same moment of gestation, the only difference being the location of the demise. If we can kill a baby within the womb, why not outside of the womb? Viable babies are being put to death in late-term abortion clinics all over the United States, perhaps some in Canada. We call it “abortion” but in the light of day, these actions clearly are “murder”.

The abortion pandemic proves that the “Enlightenment” perhaps wasn’t so enlightening after all; that the modern experiment is a sham; and that despite the innumerable scientific developments and technological advances, human beings are still not much different than our racist white-American ancestors; brute beasts, tainted by sin, depraved of mind, and in desperate need of a Savior.


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