What I’m reading

1. The Disciple-Making Church: Leading a Body of Believers on the Journey of Faith
by Bill Hull

I set a summer goal for myself to write a short book about the church as a training center. I believe that training (in character, doctrine, and competency) is at the heart of disciple-making, and is therefore the duty of the local church, per Matthew 28:18-20. As part of this summer project, I decided to read some books of the subject. This book, which I learned about through Mark Dever’s recommendation, is part of my research.

2. Churchill, by Paul Johnson

Winston Churchill is known for his long, effective, full life– a book under 200 pages cannot capture the whole of it, but it can give one a taste, and whet the appetite. I chose this one to get away from my typical diet of Christian books to try something new. I can’t remember the last time I read a biography of a non-Christian historical figure. It’s high time.

I read a lot of reviews of this book, and I was happy get it cheap with a Barnes & Noble gift card. It is short, and I intended to read it over vacation and finish it before I got home, but, as is often the case, vacation was jam-packed with outings and games and busy-ness that I didn’t read past the first page. I will add, however, that I read the first paragraph of the first page at least four or five times.

3. The Joy of the Word-Filled Family, by John Barnett

This is going to be a long, slow read. It’s a long book for its type (well over 300 pages), and  Ashley and I are chipping away at it after dinners. This one will probably be on the list in the following months, perhaps even into the next year.

4. The Holiness of God, R.C. Sproul

I’m reading through this for the first time with a student in my youth group. We’ve only read the first two chapters, and I’m loving it. I saw on a list somewhere (I was trying to find who wrote the list, but I can’t) that it was one of the five books every Christian should read. In the past month I’ve been discovering the ministry of R.C. Sproul– reading his books and listening to his sermons for the first time– and I’ve been amazed at what I’ve been missing.

Check out Ligonier Ministries for all Sproul’s stuff. Maybe even subscribe to their podcast Renewing Your Mind. They are 25 minute messages from Dr. Sproul that pack a theological punch.

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    1. No, I stopped reading that a long time ago for various reasons. One reason is that I don’t have much reading time during seminary. The other reason is that I couldn’t get in to Feast for Crows. Another reason is that I was unsure if he was going to ever finish the series. Maybe five years from now I’ll pick it up again.

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