Obedience and its effects on the soul

“Having purified your souls by your obedience to the truth…love one another earnestly” (1 Peter 1:22)

When we obey the truth the soul is purified, its size enlarged, its capacity for joy deepens. We are less enthralled with trivialities, more in awe of truly important things, and we are enabled to love, because love is the overflow of joy in God.

When we disobey the truth the soul is tainted, it shrinks in size, its capacity for joy shrivels, it is more easily lured by the lusts of the flesh, and it is unable to love—being preoccupied with itself.

Here’s the lesson: obey. It’s good for you.


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  1. Especially when we hear the Lord’s voice within – the anointing which is spoken of in 1 John 2:27 – we need to obey Him! When we obey the Lord as the living Person speaking within us, we get more of Him – and yes, our capacity is enlarged, our fellowship with Him is strengthened, and our soul is shepherded into God’s ways…

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