Take Your Pick 6/22/11

Haven’t done this in a while, but I came across too many good blogs this morning that were worth linking to.

Here’s a link to Russel Moore’s article on Midnight in Paris, the latest Woody Allen flick that has some good thoughts that Christians should ponder. Ashley and I saw it on our 3rd year anniversary Monday– I liked it, and Ashley wasn’t too sure about it.

Josh Etter’s post at the Desiring God Blog had a great quote from David Powlison on how the omniscience of God should motivate our holiness and purity.

Blaise Pascal, a mathematical genius that lived in the 17th century, after fleeing from God in his early years, finally came to Christ at age 31. This little post from John Piper reminds me that no heart is too obstinate to resist the overwhelming grace of God found in Christ, and that at the heart of Christianity is a eye-opening miracle that enables sinful men to be reconciled to the God of joy.

Also, as I have said before, Ray Ortlund’s blog is a gospel goldmine. Read it. This recent post, which simply quotes from Arnold Dallimore’s biography of George Whitefield, makes me long for God to raise up these “certain young men.” And for me to be among them.

And lastly, watch this creative video about how to stay creative. It’s fun and has good ideas.


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