Motivation by fear

In the Christians of the Bible fear is a great motive, but is is not a dejecting influence; rather is it an active, stimulating principle, pushing them even to exertion for others. It is a strengthening and fortifying feeling. The whole powerful missionary spirit of the early Christians was conceived in fear. In fear the apostles preached, and in fear their preaching was heard, and in fear men converted, and for fear they were converted. The sins of the world, their dreadful nature, the blackness of darkness in which lost mankind was sinking, made the Apostle tremble; he saw with much vividness the gulf that was ready to receive mankind. He preached the gospel in anxious haste to rescue any of these lost souls; he was in fear lest he should miss any soul within his reach, as though throwing a momentous chance away. The whole undertaking to convert the world was built upon that foundation. The impulse that gave it life and momentum sprang from that. It would not have been the active thing it was without fear as its great stimulus. The apostles were answerable for every breath they drew, every pulse that beat in them; all must go to further the gospel.

— (J.H. Jowett)

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