The Gospel Coalition

I had this sitting in my drafts from a month-and-a-half ago so I figured I’d get it out there.

Quick thoughts:

1. One of the biggest things I learned wasn’t something anyone taught. It was simply the grasp of the Scriptures that these men had. D.A. Carson is the human Logos Bible Software, and I found him inspiring– whether he was leading a panel discussion or preaching, his understanding of (and excitement for) the Bible encouraged me that the life dedicated to the understanding and applying of God’s Word is not only worth it, but it’s the pathway to my highest joy.

2. Iron sharpens iron. That’s not just a pithy proverb, it’s truth. Having long conversations with the guys who were at the conference with me was a sharpening experience. I appreciate conversations that are forthright and humble.

3. It was fun to see faces I knew walking around the place. I saw most of the bloggers I follow: Justin Taylor, Tim Challies, Kevin DeYoung, Jared Wilson, Trevin Wax, Joe Thorne, Justin Buzzard– and I even got to have a short conversation with Mark Dever. He said he had a Joe Durso at his church, so I asked if he was a professional handball player, and he said he wasn’t– he was a bus driver.

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