Take Your Pick 8/31/10

# 1 Death of the Phone Call. Amazing where technology is taking us and how fast we’re getting there.

Indeed, I predict that as this sort of hybrid coordination evolves, it will produce a steep power law in the way we use voice calls. We’ll still make fewer, as most of our former phone time will migrate to other media. But the calls we do make will be longer, reserved for the sort of deep discussion that the medium does best.

# 2 Where are the Hittites?

When one meets a Jew in New York or New Orleans or Paris or Melbourne, it is remarkable that no one considers the event remarkable.  What are they doing here?  But it is even more remarkable to wonder, if there are Jews here, why are there not Hittites here?

# 3 Here’s Doug Wilson’s series on how to be a better writer. It’s called “7 Basic and Brief Pointers for Writers.” Great stuff. I especially like #5:

Be at peace with being lousy for a while. Chesterton once said that anything worth doing was worth doing badly. He was right. Only an insufferable egoist expects to be brilliant first time out.

# 4 The Bible is not basically about you. This is a brilliant video that will help you rethink the Old Testament. Watch this. Tim Keller’s sermon is put to Gustave Dores’ art.

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