Eternity is tomorrow

How would you live your life today if you knew you’d step into eternity tomorrow?

Or, to put it more practically, how would you live your life if you really believed in eternal rewards and eternal consequences?

For example, I believe (have an intellectual conviction) that winsome evangelism in the name of Christ for the glory of God will be rewarded. I believe that those that suffer the embarrassment of evangelism will say, in the end, that it was totally worth it. I believe that in eternity we will only regret the times we passed up the opportunity to speak the truth in love.

I believe those things.

What keeps me from acting on them?

Essentially, it’s unbelief.

My head believes them, but my heart isn’t so sure. Authentic belief described in the Bible results in obedience. Faith creates action. Belief produces movement.

My only conclusion is that this intellectualism has not reached the deep recesses of my heart. God, help me see the brilliant reward of taking risks to expand your Kingdom.

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