I hope you struggle with sin

Those who are born-again make Christ their Lord, Savior, and Treasure. They understand that sin gets between them and Christ. So they hate sin. They war against sin. They fight.

The interesting thing about the fight against sin is that it never stops. The more you grow in Christ, the more aware of your sin you become, the more you hate it, the more you fight it. You never grow out of it, you never totally defeat it, you never stop struggling against it.

If you are not struggling with in, you are in a precarious, dangerous position. Here’s what I mean: the Bible says that anyone who denies that they are a sinner makes Christ a liar and “the word is not in them” (1 Jn. 1:10). If you’re not struggling with it, if you’re not fighting it, that means you’ve either been deceived into thinking you have no sin to be struggling against or that you’re letting sin win the fight.

If you’re a Christian, you will be struggling with sin.

I hope you’re struggling with sin.

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