Why don’t we talk like this anymore?

Dear John,

In reply to yours, I beg leave to say that our labor at Honley was not in vain. A new class has been formed, and about a dozen have gone to it. Two found peace. Praise the Lord!

We shall rise. All hell is on the move, but we must go round the bulwarks of our Zion, and mark well her palaces, and we shall ultimately and finally triumph over all. I say all.

Go on, John, in the work. Live near to God. Be a giant in religion; one of the first and best men in your day. Plead with God. Live in the glory. ‘Advance’ is the Christian’s motto.

Onward to certain victory over sin, the world, and hell. Trample down worldly, fashionable conformity. Know the will of God and do it. Do it heartily, cheerfully, fully, eternally, and heaven will be your guide, defense, and all in all.

Our kind respects,

And in your prayers, remember


I found this letter in Spurgeon’s Eccentric Preachers. How I wish that we in the faith still talked with such fervor and earnest! It is only style that has changed, or are we only half-hearted creatures playing at this thing called Christianity?

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