Take Your Pick 7/26/10

#1 Your Procrastination is Sin. As an admitted procrastinator, this article by Joe Thorne shook me up a little bit. And none other than Jonathan Edwards was the one to do it.

Why is procrastination wrong? Edwards argues that procrastination presumes upon the grace of God, assuming that he has given us future time when in fact our time may be short. We do not know whether or not we have tomorrow, so we must wisely improve upon the time God does give us.

# 2 Jason Helopoulos gives 4 good reasons to leave your church, 3 possible reasons, and 8 bad reasons. This is a helpful post for anybody who’s not sure about their church.

“What right do you ever have to leave a church?” I can remember that question being asked by my ecclesiology professor in seminary. It is a good question and one that would benefit us all to wrestle with. As Kevin has recently pointed out on this blog, there is biblical warrant and there are practical reasons for entering into covenant through local church membership. Having entered into that covenant our breaking of it should never be done lightly. Clearly, there are reasons to leave a local church. But what are they? I have been thinking about this for the past ten years and this is my attempt at answering the question:

# 3 Video interview of Matt Chandler talking about life with brain cancer.

“He was the first one to say to me out loud, ‘Nothing’s really changed for you—you just get to be aware that you’re mortal. Everyone is, but they’re just not aware of it. The gift that God’s given you is that you get to be aware of your mortality.’

# 4 The gift of laughter. I love Ray Ortlund’s blog. It’s short, easy to read, and insightful. Here’s a snippet.

And there, on the green carpet of grass, under the trees, two of the world’s greatest men knelt and thanked the dear Lord for the bright and joyous gift of laughter.”

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  1. hey, read procrastination and listened to chandler, and both great. In fact, both go extremely well together. Chandler has learned in the most difficult way possible what Edwards teached (and Edwards learned it himself)

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