Describing the Indescribable– My Attempt

Fine. I’ll try to describe the indescribable.

I’ve had two people ask me to describe my perspective on the labor and delivery. So here I go.

I found that the emotions in childbirth are great peaks and deep valleys. One moment you can barely maintain the excitement. The next moment you want more than anything for everything to stop. For a while you’re giddy. Later on you can barely keep your eyes open. The most excruciating pain brings forth the most indescribable joy. You literally can’t fully understand it until you go through it. You enter the club. The admiration for your wife is sky high. Mother takes on a whole new meaning. And daddy does too.

I can’t even begin to describe everything.

Just imagine the woman you love most in the world suffering more than you’ve ever seen anyone suffer. Imagine not being able to do a thing, except talk to her, hold her hand, and pray. Imagine feeling her whole body tremble in weakness from not being able to eat, drink, or sleep for 24 hours– not to mention being forced to exert the most energy she’s ever been asked to exert. It’s absolutely miserable. Not miserable in a romantic, fun and exciting way. It’s terrible.

One of the thoughts that kept recurring in my head was that childbirth is insane. And it is. There’s nothing easy about it.

But the end of childbirth is like the grand climax of an enduring epic. Squish the expansive story of¬†Lord of the Rings into 25 hours and you have something close to childbirth. All the pain, the hope, the fear, the excitement, and the weariness makes for the most glorious 5 seconds of your life: “Here she comes!”

Your baby is born.


And the world disappears. Only for a moment or so, but it does. Nothing else exists. Nothing except a hospital bed, your wife, and a screaming little baby girl. And that dang doctor who better not mishandle my baby.

I see that as the world comes back into focus something profound has happened. My heart has been wrenched out of my chest and given to these two girls. For that moment I got a taste of what it’s like to be totally selfless. I thought nothing of myself. For a moment I felt like a hero– and to save the world meant to love my wife and daughter well. And what a good feeling it is– I plan to spend a good amount of the rest of my life attaining to that feeling.

Perhaps these  pictures, taken seconds after the birth, will do better to convey my feelings than my words ever could.

And after a little while to allow some sinking in, here were some more great moments. Life has changed forever.

That’s my perspective.

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