Take Your Pick 7/9/10

# 1 One of The Master’s College’s favorite professors wrote a book– Meaning at the Movies. Dr. Grant Horner is a hilarious teacher, a great story-teller, a brilliant thinker, and an excellent rock climber. He also developed a popular (and rigorous) Bible Reading Program that I’ve found helpful. Anyway, I was excited to see Christianity’s most popular blog mention Dr. Horner’s new book:

If you’re going to read Grant Horner’s new book on film art, Meaning at the Movies, he strongly suggests that you watch certain films before reading the chapter in which they are discussed. If you don’t, you’ll find spoilers (which is inevitable in any serious analysis of a story) and it will lessen the impact of the film itself.

# 2 Increase the earning power of your children. I loved this post. It make me smile. Read it.

Want your children to go further in their education—high school, college, maybe more? Want them to earn more as adults? Here’s one key predictor of educational attainment and earning power. Is it IQ? Is it economic status?

No, it’s the number of books in the home.

# 3 Why do morning people rule the world? I feel like I knew it all along.

History is full of great bores praising the virtues of early rising, but few have made the case for letting the day drift by until you kick into gear around happy hour.

# 4 This video is great– it discusses the “Secret Powers of Time” and how our “time perspective” affects our lifestyle. It also explains dilemma of our instant gratification culture.

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  1. Thank goodness for Simi Valley Library summer reading program that got you kids excited about books! Interesting, but I’m still trying to figure out what to do with The Secret Powers of Time information…

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