A Tribute to My Mother and All Mothers

It is a very appropriate thing that we celebrate Mother’s Day.

There is something very special about mother’s day. I’ve noticed that a profound change comes over a woman when she becomes a mother– it’s an incredible thing that I’ve been able to witness in the last few years with my sister having Tae in 2007 and Ashley’s sister having Jackson about a month ago. When women become mothers, it seems like something is awakened from deep within the soul– the highest affections are spilled out upon a little baby. Just listen to way a new mother talks– it’s amazing. Literally, the way they speak changes. There may be nothing in the world more tender than a mother holding her newborn baby.

Believe it or not, I was once a baby. And on September 22nd, 1985 I exited my mother’s tummy and entered into the world. My mother held me in her arms and spoke softly to me in whispers and coos. And since then the love she’s had for me and our family has been unchanging. That’s why I wanted to write I tribute to her and to all mothers– your job is perhaps the most important in the world– shepherding a child into a grown adult. That’s important. Thank you.

There are three things about my mom that I want to thank her for. I could do a much bigger list, but for time’s sake I’ll keep it short.

1. Love for dad.

My mom loves my dad. That’s something I’ve never questioned. And from the time that I could understand the concept of marriage I knew that I wanted someone who really loved me. This would be a problem if I didn’t know what a woman’s love was supposed to look like, but for me it was something I saw exemplified every day in our home. It was because of her example that I was able to catch such a good wife myself!

Quick example: I remember one Christmas my mom wrote this on one of the presents she got for me dad:

To: The Love of My Life

From: Tammi

And I think that tiny memory stuck in my head all these years because I knew that I wanted a wife who could love like that. (And I got one!)

Now that I’m all grown up and married I understand the mother/wife role a little better. The support that Ashley gives me behind the scenes is praiseworthy, even though no one sees it! I could not do ministry without her. And because of this I’ve realized how my mom was a helper to my dad. A wife’s unfailing, uncritical, and unconditional love– the kind of love that just wants to sit close to you on the couch— is often the biggest support she can give to her husband. My mom is that way. She just loves dad.

2. Love for us kids.

Over the years there are times when, as a little boy, then a teenager, and even through college years, life hurts. Whether it’s a break-up or a lost championship game or simply awkwardness at school, it happens, and it’s hard. When I look back at the things in my life that seemed so huge at the time my mom was always the one to empathize and comfort me. She was readily involved in the petty ups and downs of her children’s lives. She cried with us and hugged us and prayed for us and offered us unobtrusive, trustworthy wisdom. Her response was never to expect us to get over it or to simply let it go— she was caring, gentle, patient, and kind. I see that now. And I am thankful for it.

3. Love for life.

My mom is adventurous! She likes trying new things (like blogging– here’s her blog). She’s fun to be around. She enjoys the little things in life (this post in her blog is a case in point– little things make her happy!). I don’t know how many times I’ve heard her say something to the effect that she’s in heaven when all her family is with her. There’s something inspiring being around someone who loves life. That’s my mom.


So there are a few things. The funny thing is that my mom will blush and deny that this is actually the way she is. But that’s just her humility– never thinking very highly of herself and always thinking of others first.

I love you mom. Happy Mother’s Day.

2 Replies to “A Tribute to My Mother and All Mothers”

  1. Thank you for your love and care in raising such a wonderful godly man, Tammi (mom)! Eric’s right, it is inspiring just being around you! Love you! 🙂

  2. Eric, you are so sweet and so kind. What a wonderful gift you gave me in your words. Thank you for taking the time to write something so nice. You’re right: I love your dad and you kids more than anything else on earth and you have been my biggest blessing. Thank you for being such a great son willing to honor me today. I love you so much!

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