Thoughts: Heaven Without Jesus

A heaven without Jesus doesn’t make any sense for the born-again believer. Such a place might be nice, but it would not be heaven. It may be a better place than here, but ultimately it would prove to be tantalizing. The reason why freedom from sin is so appealing to the Christian is not ultimately because sin is painful (though it is), or that it hurts others (which it does) but is because sin blinds the spiritual eyes from seeing the glory of Christ. Sin obscures, trivializes, and clouds Jesus Christ in all His wonderful glory. The goodness of heaven and the benefit of sinless perfection is fundamentally in the fact that we are finally able to enjoy Christ’s beauty, goodness, and perfection without the obstruction of sin. A heaven without Christ is simply not possible. And for one who is a new creation in Christ to be in such a place would be similar to the eternal punishment of Tantalus in Hades, who reached for the satisfying fruit above him but could not reach; who bent over for the satisfying water but could not drink.  To see Christ in all his glory without being able to be near him and enjoy him, would not be heaven. It would be hell.

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