25 Things I Get Joy From

Sometimes God gives us great blessings in this life. I am going to assume that the fact that all real joy is in Jesus is implied, and make a list of other things I derive joy from.  Here it goes.

  1. A good book
  2. A word in season
  3. Laughing with Ashley
  4. Thinking about the church
  5. board game
  6. When a kid is seeking
  7. When a kid is working alongside me
  8. A good quote
  9. A good dinner
  10. Time with family
  11. Early morning
  12. Cloud formations
  13. Palindromes
  14. This blog
  15. Poetry
  16. Playing football or basketball at the park
  17. Word games
  18. Preaching
  19. Used book stores
  20. Backpacking
  21. Watching and playing with little kids
  22. Friends (not the TV show)
  23. World traveling
  24. Climbing trees
  25. Writing

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