2012-2013 Grace Student Ministries Music Video Introduction

I just got back from a trip to inner city Philadelphia with a team of Grace Student Ministries students and staff. It was a great trip, we able to serve and be challenged to walk nearer and more faithfully with our Lord Jesus. But not only that, we had a lot of fun.

We decided that over the next 12 months we’re going to be shooting a music video (how that fits into a missions trip, I’m not sure). At every big youth group event, we’ll get some footage of students and staff singing along to the song that we chose for 2012-2013. In the end, it will look something like this. It will be an awesome way to remember the year, and a memorable gift for the seniors. Our first shot was in Philly, on the “Rocky” steps (where Rocky Balboa ran to exercise). Here it is:

So, what about the elephant in the room?

This video puts the weirdness of the Elephant Room Extravaganza front and center. I thought the whole point of the elephant room was the confront the “elephants.” Yet, there wasn’t a peep about T.D. Jakes’ prosperity gospel.

Are MacDonald and Driscoll ignorant? How could they be in the age of the podcast, youtube, and the internet? They’ve had to have seen this junk.

Do they simply not care? The video below makes it sound as if they care deeply about exposing the false gospel of health and wealth. What then? Has anyone heard or read anything from these guys about this glaring, massive, elephant? If so, please, point me to it. It seems hard to believe that they’ve not said a single thing about it.

Never a dull moment at home

I can’t stop laughing at this video.

Ashley and I were doing some family devotions after dinner, and we decided to sing the “B-I-B-L-E” song. All Emma was interested in doing was dancing (we even tried to pray afterwards, and all Emma wanted to do was get back on the couch so she could dance). Here’s her dance. Make sure you watch until the end.

After the head over heels fall she said, “Uh oh!” and then scrambled to get back on the couch. Also, Ashley wanted me to note that her shirt is off because she had previously gagged herself and spit up all over her shirt. Emma does a good job making sure life never gets boring.

Doug Wilson: Rob Bell and the nature of arrogance

“Epistemological humility” among Christians who claim the Bible is the Word of God bugs me. That is, the idea that true humility consists in the understanding that we can never really know anything with absolute certainty, and that any authoritative truth claims are arrogant.

Which is why I loved this video. Doug Wilson hits a grand slam.

Don’t be a “if-you-don’t-believe-exactly-the-same-as-I-do-you’re-probably-not-saved” Christian. But also don’t slink into the teeming mass of evangelicals who are afraid to make a point, or who believe if we just could really understand one another we’d all actually be saying the same thing.


Panel Discussion: John Piper, Tim Keller, Ligon Duncan, & Crawford Loritts

Great panel discussion for future preachers of the gospel. I edited out the boring stuff and kept the best stuff (and it’s still almost 40 minutes!). These men of God are pouring priceless wisdom out for us here. Watch it– especially if you have a teaching ministry!

(Get a load of John Piper around the 3:15 mark. Gotta love how the passion mounts!)

You can download the full version on The Gospel Coalition website.