The LORD raised them up

“Then the LORD raised up judges, who saved them out of the hand of those who plundered them.” (Judges 2:16)

The sovereign hand of God raises up men and women to rescue his people from the enemy’s grip. It’s God. He does it. So, we should pray that God would mercifully do the same for us, raising up men and women who are zealous for God and his life-giving Word.

But we should not only pray for them, we should be them.

Gospel for Life: The Bible

The Bible, basically, is the message God’s intervention to save humanity from their sins. It is the revelation God’s character through the story of redemption, reconciliation, and restoration of his people. It shows us who God is and explains to us how he saves. It is, essentially, the good news about God’s work to save his people.

At the very center of this message is the person of Jesus Christ. He is the main character of the story. In fact, the entire Bible is ultimately about him. Everything everywhere points to Christ. And the reason everything points to Christ is because he is the means through which humanity is saved. Christ’s life and death and resurrection are at the core of God’s message to mankind. To miss this is to miss the point of the Bible. Without this, everything else is empty and void. To put it another way, the gospel is the message of the Bible. The Bible is the good news. The truth of God’s word points us to the good news of Jesus Christ. If truth doesn’t point us in this direction, it is misapplied.

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