The supernatural awakening

We are happy when we have what we want. The natural state of man, however, wants glory for self. That is the root of his happiness. The great portion of his life is spent accumulating comfort, status, reputation, possessions, pleasure—all of which will make him happy, to a degree. But there is a kind of man whose root of happiness has been removed from self and implanted in Christ. His joy is not based on himself, but on God’s glory. What he wants more than anything is not self-glory, but God’s glory. He wants to see it, to know it, and spread it. The natural man wants to see his own glory, know his own glory, and talk about his glory. This kind of love for God is not something a natural person can attain to; it is birthed by supernatural operations. The man who has been supernaturally awakened to the glory of Christ will be fundamentally different from the natural man—the highest experience of his joy will be when he’s lost in God’s greatness.