Why Kobe Bryant is Better than Lebron James

On a less spiritual note, this scathing article about Lebron James inability to get a ring is exactly the reason why I would rather have Kobe Bryant on my team than Lebron James. Here’s my favorite part:

This isn’t a part-time thing. Winning everything takes a single-minded, obsessive devotion. Michael Jordan had it. Kobe Bryant does, too. They didn’t want to win championships, they had to win them. They needed them for validation and identity and, later, they became moguls. LeBron James is running around recruiting college kids to his marketing company. He picks up the phone, tells them, “This is the King,” and makes his pitch to be represented in his stable. Think Kobe would ever bother with this? Or Michael? Not a chance when they were on the climb, not when they still had a fist free of rings.