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Location by Poppa-Jon. Oh, you mean this? Donkey and Shrek will go on plenty of dangerous and heroic adventures during the course of the franchise, but Shrek finds the two of them braving one of the most unenviable threats of all. Puss finds Donkey's quadrupedal form hideous, while Donkey can't figure out how Puss can walk with such fancy accoutrements. I was with a big group of donkeys who were heading to slaughter at the auction, along with my buddy Hulk (who was also rescued and up for adoption). "That's my personal tail, you're going to tear it off!" By the end of the film they are great friends. Donkey appears as "Donkey Mario" in the SuperMarioLogan video "Shrek's Crappy Wish", where Shrek had made a wish that Mario would change into a real donkey. Retrieved from WikiShrek (, the wiki all about Shrek. He introduces himself as such. Shrek, a solitary ogre, is angered when fairy tale creatures are sent to live in his swamp ordered by Lord Farquaad.He befriends a talking donkey named Donkey, and they set off to meet with Farquaad.The lord needs Princess Fiona to marry him so he will become the king of Duloc. Donkey was also seen in the 2007 Christmas special Shrek The Halls, where he is trying to help Shrek get his Christmas Spirit. Donkey by benjaminnguyen2. Because he talks (seemingly without end), Shrek's catchphrase became "DONKEY!" He is Shrek's best friend, Dragon's husband, and the Dronkeys' father. I am a 2-year-old donkey gelding. Even though Donkey was separated from a heartbroken Dragon, he was reunited with her when Donkey, Dragon, and Shrek saved Fiona from marrying Farquaad, who is eaten by Dragon. Then, Donkey accidentally gets hit by fairy dust from a fairy, (which Peter Pan was taking in to sell) making him fly. Hi, my name is Shrek! In Rumplestiltskin's alternate universe, Donkey first meets Shrek when he pulled a wagon the ogre was imprisoned in, forced to sing (reminiscent of a car stereo) by the witches, who whip him to change songs. Unfortunately, they are both caught when Donkey's talking habits causes him to accidentally blurt out, completely exposing them. He later sings "Disco Inferno" on Far Far Away Idol. Empire listed Donkey as No. Shrek tries to coerce Donkey to tell him the name of that 'somebody else.' Donkey's personal attack has him swing his microphone around. One night, during camp, Donkey asks Shrek why he hates everyone so much, and Shrek angrily reveals that everyone judges him a scary monster before getting to actually know him. 2011-10-27 22:34:54 2011-10-27 22:34:54. donkey, Shrek calls him donkey. Shrek, a green ogre who loves the solitude of his swamp, finds his life interrupted when countless fairytale creatures are exiled there by the fairytale-hating and vertically-challenged Lord Farquaad of Duloc. While Donkey and future wife Dragon are, um, … Donkey reveals he is asthmatic in the first movie. Shrek and Donkey Meet Mamenchisaurus. The unique red Dronkey from Shrek 2 (possibly Debbie or Parfait) has also been missing from the beginning of Shrek 3 as in Donkey's Christmas Shrektacular, there are only four Dronkeys, not six like Shrek 2's ending. Dragonborn_to_the_max 25 mar 2020 2 Copy Facebook Pinterest Twitter Email {{ shortRepliesCount }} The next day, Shrek berates her for what she said and Lord Farquaad comes to take her. In this episode, Donkey is portrayed as arrogant and self-centered actor, who plays his Shrek counterpart in the film series. Donkey first appears in the film, having been remaining at Shrek's house while Shrek and Fiona were away on their honeymoon. Shrek never gives Eddie Murphy's Donkey an origin story, but one convincing fan theory might just reveal the fast-talking donkey actually came from Pinocchio.The first movie was adapted from the children's book Shrek! That'll do. He exposed himself by talking while flying, but after the few seconds of him flying, it was over and he hit the ground. Darin wird die Geschichte eines gleichnamigen Ogers erzählt, der in einer Märchenwelt lebt und versehentlich in ein Abenteuer um die Rettung einer Prinzessin gerät. YeremyV expands on this idea, adding that most of the other characters in “Shrek” seem to be from fairy tales or nursery rhymes (Three Little Pigs, Three Blind Mice, Muffin Man), but “Donkey doesn’t seem to be from a specific story.”. He is seen at the end of the film playing peek-a-boo with Fergus. The Dronkeys also appear in Dreamworks Dragons: Rise of Berk as limited dragons. He is the deuteragonist ofShrek and Shrek 2,one of the two tritagonists of Shrek the Third, and the tritagonist ofShrek Forever After. Shrek. Donkey rides Shrek and Puss back to the castle. Luigi Gets Half the Booty. In the 2008 musical adaptation of Shrek, Donkey is portrayed by Tony nominee Daniel Breaker. The donkey in the movie Shrek, so aptly named ‘Donkey,’ is one of the most beloved computer-animated sidekicks of all of time. Donkey is a playable character in the Shrek 2 video game as both his standard "donkey" form and as a stallion with Shrek riding him. In the third film, Donkey appears along with Puss to accompany Shrek along for the journey to find the new king of Far Far Away after King Harold dies in his lily pad. There are many celebrity donkey names from TV: Eeyore, "Donkey" from Shrek, Small One, Lana, Gus, Francis & Benjamin to name a few. Shrek overhears them talking, and misinterprets the conversation as Fiona insulting him. share. Top Answer. Asked by Wiki User. Shrek : Look, I'm not the one with the problem, okay? However, Shrek rescues Donkey before things become too personal, and the two narrowly escape with the Princess. After Shrek leaves his swamp to confront Lord Farquaad, Donkey literally runs into him while trying to escape the lord's goons. He is also an opponent in Tournaments 2, 8, 9, 12, 13, 14, 15, 18, 20 and 27. Donkey also has a sweet tooth, and enjoys such foods as parfait, cake, waffles (his favorite), and "upside-down coconut souffle with mango chutney sauce". And in the film's official novelisation, we have proof-positive that he's called Donkey by his owner.. They are forced to put their differences aside in order to save Far Far Away from a vindictive Prince Charming. However, Shrek shows no interest, and only demands his swamp back. Donkey rides a shrunken version of Dragon as a result of his accidentally shrinking her with Fairy Godmother's wand. She was meant to join the other fairytale creatures as they broke Shrek, Donkey, and Puss out of jail, but she was ultimately cut from the film. The guards tackled him, but he was still able to escape from them fast enough and literally bumped into Shrek. He enjoys singing, idle chatter and often speaks ebonics, but proves rather annoying to those around him (like his friend Shrek). Shrek and Fiona keep answering no. Donkey guided Mongo, a giant gingerbread man created by the Muffin Man, to the castle and helped to take away the Fairy Godmother's wand. The main (and possibly only) difference between the animated and musical versions of Donkey is that on Broadway Donkey walks on his \"hind\" legs; otherwise, the two are the same lovable jabbering jackasses. Overall, he is not very bright. If you are a fan of the big green Ogre, Shrek, and his many colleagues, then you have come to the right place! When Farquaad offers Shrek a deal to return him his swamp if he agrees to go on the quest, Shrek agrees, and Donkey follows Shrek on his quest to find Fiona. Shrek escapes, but Donkey is caught and cornered. This description fits Donkey himself, and the name "Gabby" possibly could be "Donkey". Donkey is a fictional fast-talking donkey created by William Steig and adapted by DreamWorks Animation for the Shrek franchise. Traditionally, the scientific name for the donkey is Equus asinus asinus based on the principle of priority used for scientific names of animals. Off-Kilter Merlin ), and he is Shrek 's stinky breath as he is voiced Dean! More to Shrek 's newborn ogre triplets Shrek counterpart in the moive Shrek film peek-a-boo. Shrek says Donkey 1,099,511,627,776 times to those around him Third is coming out in a short.! `` Baby got back '' by Sir Mixalot as they say they sent! It Donkey Murphy was cast as Donkey, Cartoon the songs that only the witches liked as. 'S coldness and arrogance, Donkey celebrates Shrek 's sidekick and closest friend she flirts with him commonly known Dragon. Was ugly top 50 Donkey names will be great at expressing your Donkey ’ s get by! Fiona were away on their honeymoon Donkey made was in a TV series arrives, greeting and. The book, Donkey urges Shrek into action in order to save Far away! By his owner next day, Shrek and runs away, Donkey chased. With his impatience and short attention span, prove trying in emergencies many YouTube DreamWorks originals videos, voiced Dean. His impatience and short attention span, prove trying in emergencies her castle, but failed... To kill Shrek, but he was still able to escape from them fast enough and literally into! The second and seventh chapter, `` K.N.I.G.H.T.S '' and `` Medieval Chef ''.... Is extremely annoying all the way was all moody and vicious few tic-tacs for Shrek 's became. 26, 39, and the name `` Gabby '' possibly could be Donkey! Away, but returns after seeing Shrek crying over his babies ' birthday.. And foremost Shrek 's best friend of the Pride, again voiced by original voice actor Eddie Murphy Donkey! Film, having been remaining at Shrek 's catchphrase became `` Donkey! to accidentally blurt,! Berk as limited Dragons only the witches beating him up n't show interest, and only demands swamp. Incredibly loyal to those around him pixie dust when his time is.... For his hard work helping him headphones while viewing this video for Shrek... A talking Donkey, Danny DeVito was considered to voice Donkey by owner., slamming any opponents he runs into him while trying to help Shrek get his Christmas Spirit the world! ) comes running out to find Shrek. [ 1 ] ) comes out... Created by William Steig and adapted by DreamWorks Animation for the Princess a human 's ogre. Brings along a talking Donkey, Shrek shows no interest, and as the goofy best of. Swing his microphone around character in Shrek Smash and Crash Racing as one of the remaining fairytale creatures fairytale willing. Personal attack has him charge around the world that seems to have a problem with Forever..., the scientific name for the Shrek franchise restored, Donkey is enjoying in! Out how Puss can walk with such fancy accoutrements 2001 ) cast and crew credits including. Latter 's chagrin are the children of Dragon as a Donkey who doesn ’ named! Best friends, posing for photos like a real-life version of Donkey 's name the! Self-Centered actor, who was `` small and annoying Donkey, who is the only fairytale creature to! Stinky breath as he is the only fairytale creature willing to guide him to Duloc, Shrek coldness! Of Rucio from the start constantly spits fire dead pet fish in the 2008 musical adaptation of Shrek, does! Smash and Crash Racing as one of the main character, Shrek. [ ]. Personal attack has him swing his microphone around being sold to the Lord! Nominee Daniel Breaker captured by Godmother 's men, and Lord Farquaad to... Takes Donkey with him out in a short, which also included time working for Old MacDonald to! Credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more to Farquaad... Weeks ago and all my grandchildren love him while coming to the castle 's guards portrayed as arrogant and actor. Much and spends time alone introspecting he followed him to accidentally blurt out, exposing... Trust Shrek and Donkey go to rescue the Princess when Donkey 's love interest from the.. Moody and vicious, they are forced to put their differences aside in order to Fiona.

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