tener sentences examples

Many common expressions using the verb "be" in English use the verb "tener" in Spanish (but not all): to be afraid: tener miedo: to be in a hurry: tener prisa, estar de prisa: to be against: estar en contra: to be jealous: tener celos: to be at fault: tener la culpa: to be lucky: tener suerte: to … has three main uses in Spanish: with the meaning to have (referring to ownership, possession) examples. tenerlo fácil — to have it easy. Fortunately, there are still a few Spanish expressions that are exactly … See examples of Tener in Spanish. We can use tener to express something that we physically possess or a way we feel at a certain point in time—that is, a feeling or a need we “have.”. Yo tengo tres manzanas. Hear an audio pronunciation. Spanish sentences using tener Popular Phrase: la jefa | Free Online Spanish Lessons | Conjugated Verb: amar - to love [ click for full conjugation ] Members Other important uses of the verb are tener hambre (to be hungry), tener sed (to be thirsty), tener frío (to be cold), tener calor (to be hot), tener miedo (to be scared), and tener sueño (to be sleepy).

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