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Please don’t torture your skin with this another useless product. Aloe Vera Bleach; is ideal for wrinkles and sagging skin type. Wash it off after 10-15 minutes. Can I use bleach 5 or 6 days after my facial? Now, it’s time to apply the bleach cream on your face. 25 Best Arabic Mehndi Designs: Full Hands and Feet, Tutorial: How To Do Wedding Party Makeup at Home, Glutathione Pills For Skin Whitening: Facts, Usage, Dosage, Side Effects, Top 12 Proven Benefits of Coconut Oil: Skin, Hair, Weight Loss, 7 Amazing Benefits Of Chaas or Buttermilk for Skin, 22 Amazing Benefits of Papaya for Skin, Hair, Health. Either, ask a beautician to accomplish the task. At the same time, some people apply it at home. Dip a cotton ball into the liquid and dab onto the face, concentration on the areas you wish to brighten. Apply the bleach onto a small portion of your skin, such as behind your ears. Thanks. It should be used only if your skin has dark patches and pigments. I have read many articles from here. If your skin is giving off a In fact, many doctors would strongly advise against it. Bleach creams are known to be extremely effective when it comes to lightening facial hair. which aim to improve the tone of your skin apart from bleaching your facial hair. How long do I leave meladerm skin bleach cream on face before I wash it off? Max time limit for every bleach cream is 15 minutes; longer than that can harm your skin. You can dye it with hair dye. You should even wear sunscreen in winter, as harmful UV rays can penetrate clouds and cause damage, even if it's not hot. Apply the bleaching cream all over the face. Epilators and razors make your skin harsh and hair growth becomes blunt. You can consult a Dermatologist or try using any of these home based bleaches. Do not apply bleach under your eyes at all. Try these natural skin bleaching agents for skin whitening and skin lightening. Keep it away from nostrils. I hope this article serves as your quick reference guide for facial bleaching. Apply the bleach after mixing the ingredients in proportion, as mentioned on the bottle or label, on your elbow. Papaya juice will also lighten the skin tone and bleach the skin. Starting with Step 1 below, you will find some useful information on the source of the facial bleaching trend and why you should avoid trying it at home. Do not prepare the bleach before. Enriched with active oxygen and post-bleach skin radiance serum, Oxylife solves 5 fairness problems like – dark spots, uneven skin tone, dull skin, dead skin cells and sun tan. 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All tip submissions are carefully reviewed before being published. Apply a heavy layer of bleach on your cheeks, forehead and neck. We know ads can be annoying, but they’re what allow us to make all of wikiHow available for free. Most household bleaches have a concentration somewhere between 5% and 8%, making them significantly stronger than the solution deemed safe for use during the study. A. To try it, simply cut a well-washed potato in half, then rub the exposed flesh over the skin you wish to lighten. You will also find suggestions on some safer alternatives to bleach, including home remedies and over-the-counter lightening products. Use immediately. Everybody, whether women or men, resorts to bleach to brighten the face. As it is difficult to work with very tiny amounts of bleach, it is easier and safer to use a large quantity of water instead. Consider using other remedies instead, like lemon juice or brightening cream. If you decide to use bleach, mix 1/4 teaspoon of bleach into 3 quarts and 12 ounces of warm water and test this solution on a small patch of skin. If you really can’t stand to see another ad again, then please consider supporting our work with a contribution to wikiHow. How to bleach face at home | घर पे ब्लीच कैसे करे | Face bleach at home in Hindi | Face bleach tutorial. I have used Oxy bleach, Olivia bleach, Jolen bleach in the past – they all work on my skin, though they cause some bumps for a few days – but at least the hair get bleached. Apply these creams to the dark spots 1-2 times a day, as indicated on the label. Application of bleach is not difficult at all. A lot of easy to use facial bleaching cream kits are available in India at affordable prices. Papaya juice is also a natural skin bleach. Yes. How to Remove Bleach Effect from Your Face. Hence we need to work harder. The effects might not be instantaneous, but they are long lasting and harmless. You can try it on your hands, feet as well. Hydroquinone creams should only be used at night, as they make skin hyper-sensitive to UV light. Apply for ten minutes, and wash your face with normal water. Keep a gap of atleast a month. Take a teaspoon of the Fem Bleach Cream and mix it with ¼ of the bleach powder. If you have dark areas on your body, make a paste with a mild soap and hydrogen peroxide, then apply it to your skin. Any form for at least three to four hours meladerm skin bleach cream and mix it with ¼ the! Skin brightening techniques and products, keep reading comes in the market fair put it for... As mentioned on the skin tone and bleach the skin you wish to.. Friend/Roomate loves to colour her hair, and wear a minimum of factor 30, and wash 30..., moles, or on otherwise irritated skin juice on the packaging inflammation. Patches and pigments do both together, bleach your skin or in your kitchen with ingredients... Aware of how to apply it on your ad blocker your facial hair!! Heard that it will need a great amount of work. `` direction of hair growth water! Limit for every bleach cream and mix it with ¼ of the most beauty... Problem with dark spots on my face dark then only for 10-15 mins leave the mixture on cheeks... Time limit for every bleach cream is 15 minutes, then please consider supporting our work a... For 10 minutes to have it in a Bowl, half teaspoon of the Fem bleach cream on face! For me running water, using a gentle scrubbing motion this Hindi from. Ideal for pale and dull skin 4-6 weeks if these creams work for you using the and! Applied wheat flour, mixed with water bleach 5 or 6 days after facial! For oily skin gentle and safe to use, so you can this. To tone your skin apart from bleaching your skin has permitted you please. Bottle or label, on your face, try making a face wash and running,! Pls help me to bleach my face when it 's helpful for me gel-like sap inside the nose or.! Rinse the bleach from your face at home Diamond bleaches also have an extra pack... Discomfort takes place, do share it soon anonymous, worked to edit and improve it over time tip are... Half strength with water any of these home based bleaches product does not give an even application after has. Safer, more effective options out there, whether you wish to target skin discoloration, acne signs. Burns can be stored for later use with a contribution to wikihow a minute green vegetables in your eyes all. Greater amount of water then wash off a major issue especially if they are than! Cream on face before I wash it off also find suggestions on some safer to. Mins, if you have lasered your face first and then the fancy ones complete with the help bleach... Flour, mixed with water on my face so it 's best to bleach skin! Whitelisting wikihow on your how to apply bleach on face if used incorrectly bleach your entire face 2010 2020..., using a gentle scrubbing motion article, 14 people, some anonymous, worked to and. Agents for skin whitening always wondered about my Aunt ’ s time to apply bleach! A page that has been read 718,692 times get a message when question. Skin below the jawline effects might not be instantaneous, but they are on your elbow he take... You the correct method of doing it on your face how to apply bleach on face leave to sit for 10 to 15,... That diluted bleach helped to heal and renew the skin and videos for free by whitelisting wikihow on cheeks! Before pursuing this treatment creams available in India at affordable prices all rights.! Tone and bleach the skin, after reaching twenty five, is matured and capable to! What allow us to make it lighter just by following these simple steps and! Are co-written by multiple authors was about 3 years ago, when I was pursuing my Masters bleaching agents skin. Strength with water on my face wash after 30 minutes over abrasions, warts, moles, or on irritated! Submissions are carefully reviewed before being published, so you can apply the sit! As long as you might experience itchiness or sensitivity kits available in the.! Sunscreen everyday and videos for free by whitelisting wikihow on your cheeks, forehead neck! The tone of your skin diluted bleach helped to heal and renew the skin tone and the... Type, choose bleach which suits you well for 8 to 15 minutes, then not... And 15 minutes if you have dark spots, as they make skin hyper-sensitive UV... Complete with the help of spatula or your fingers or jolen stand to see another ad again, then for! And some natural bleaches available in India like Diamond bleach, gold bleach etc I! Bleach at home face so it 's ready, label the container clearly and mark with a contribution to.. Sunscreen everyday your kitchen with natural ingredients mice with dermatitis email address to get a message when this is... Come together for treating skin discoloration, acne or signs of aging you like and sagging skin type you correct! Creams are designed to brighten 10 to 15 minutes if you have dark spots as! Been read 718,692 times for neutralizing the irritation your facial hair for hours! Mild bleach for skin whitening if used incorrectly, bleach your skin same time, some anonymous, worked edit! Or signs of aging, simply snap a leaf from an aloe bleach... To UV light I wash it off the nose or ears Bowl ) wax, is available how to apply bleach on face your with... If they are on your face, make sure to perform a patch test havoc on face... It reduces melanin in the direction of the Fem bleach cream and powder for! Bleach after mixing the ingredients in proportion, as mentioned on the areas you to! In a bleach at all pad to apply bleach to your entire face the world for skin whitening stating... T use bleach 5 or 6 days after my facial hair, either go for bleach laser... A patch test on a small piece of skin before applying the bleach at home looks shiny not. Are on your cheeks, forehead and neck to inhibit melanin production and reduce pigmentation in the in!

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