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The new definition is: ‘Laying hens in free range farming systems are unconfined within a ventilated hen house. Egg Farmers of Australia (EFA) has endorsed the national approach to egg labelling agreed to by State and Federal Ministers for Consumer Affairs this morning. 29% of shoppers only ever buy non-caged and free range. Egg Farmers of Australia is the national representative body of Australian egg farmers. We acknowledge in particular, the Federal Government for their leadership in tackling this issue. Many people are concerned about animal welfare, most of all, egg farmers themselves. For media enquiries, please call (02) 9409 6909 or visit “After an exhaustive examination of the evidence and a lengthy process of public consultation by Treasury, it was decided that this argument could not be substantiated. has the lowest incidence of disease, mortality and cannibalism. Any such move is also impractical as it will cause massive loss of production, significantly increase the price of eggs and put the financial burden of industry change on governments and consumers. EFA promotes and ensures the sustainability of the whole Australian egg industry, developing and advocating policy and participating in public conversations on issues affecting the industry. That meeting will aim to find ways to improve egg labelling in Australia. See below for a comparison of some key indicators against each system. “We want to make sure consumers get what they are paying for. The Coalition recently completed a three-year study into egg production and the results can be found HERE. Egg Farmers of Australia believes in the welfare of our hens and is committed to providing consumers with confidence in all farming methods employed in the Australian egg industry. Egg Farmers of Australia spokesman, John Coward, said the industry was keen to ensure certainty on free range eggs and egg labelling for consumers and egg farmers alike.Egg Farmers of Australia has provided a free-range proposal to the government that calls for a prescribed external stocking density of no more than one bird per square metre, as well as good farming practices around access to outdoors and the external environment required for effective free-range egg farming. Please visit the Australian Eggs website. Where you’ve got millions of chickens on a one-acre lot, stacked one above the other, the top lot defecating on those below them, I mean, the spread of organisms is massive. Fifty per cent of all eggs sold in supermarkets are cage eggs. (interactive), To Lay or not to Lay – What makes a hen happy? Yesterday the Australian Egg Corporation released the following statement regarding the ABC’s Catalyst program, who had allowed one of their guests to casually present misinformation regarding Farming Practices with Chickens. All we have heard from Choice recently are cheap shots from the sideline that highlight their lack of accountability,” he said. For further information regarding the proposal to assist you in determining whether you wish to object or not, please do not hesitate to contact me on 02 94096904 or The egg industry has displayed strong growth over the past decade due to rising per capita consumption of eggs (a little over 200 eggs per year/person). We represent eighty five percent of all Australian egg farming and our members are involved in all farming methods, including cage, barn, and free range. Mr Kellaway noted that the movement of more hens into extensive farming systems (free range) compared to more intensive system (cage) had increased the challenges in controlling bacterial disease associated with the faecal-oral cycle and both internal and external parasites. These are cages, barns and free range. Egg Farmers of Australia That’s a horse chicken of a different color. It is no surprise to farmers there is concern about cage eggs. Each egg production system has unique advantages in terms of egg quality and animal welfare outcomes. They’ll also have more choice with stocking density to be displayed on carton. “There has been some confusion regarding the current definition of free range in the Model Code of Practice for Domestic Poultry – 4th Edition ( but the new definition agreed to by the majority of the egg industry yesterday, after considerable consultation with all State representative bodies, will aim to improve consumer confidence and egg farmer certainty,” he said. “Our definition is that laying hens have access to and are free to roam and forage on an outdoor range area during daylight hours in a managed environment. Notably, the six egg farms identified farm caged, barn and free range eggs, demonstrating their ongoing responsiveness to consumer demand for different production profiles. Any hen who wants to go outdoors will be able to do so, if she chooses to. Free range egg production has grown significantly over the last 15 years and now … And we have responded. “As a result of our meeting we have agreed to ask Treasury to formally legislate in Australian Consumer Law the EFA definition of free range. This ensures that consumers can have confidence that our hens are protected and that all farmers are meeting those standards, and therefore the community’s expectations. EFA spokesperson John Coward said: “Australian egg farmers are committed to getting consumers the egg they want with information they understand. The farming community acknowledges that without Minister Dominello, this debate would never have been resolved,” added Mr Coward. (interactive), Sustainability- Egg farmers are doing their bit! The Ministers agreed to pursue an enforceable national definition for free range eggs at a meeting in Melbourne. EFA spokesman John Coward said a national approach would help build consumer confidence in eggs as well as clarity and certainty for egg farmers. If you want to get the facts about caged egg farming, you can check out the attached fact sheet. We represent eighty five percent of all Australian egg farming and our members are involved in all farming methods, including cage, barn and free range. There is no difference in the product – an egg is an egg is an egg. Commercial Egg Producers of Western Australia, Commercial Egg Farmers Association South Australia and Tasmania, Coalition for Sustainable Egg Supply website, Proposed Australian Animal Welfare Standards & Guidelines (Poultry), Drought Impacts Force Changes At Egg Farmers Australia, Roosters benched as egg farmers announce new focus on women’s leadership, Temporary cap on cages as farmers revamp community engagement, Egg Farmers Correct the Record on Free Range Egg Labelling, A win for Consumers as free range code finally cracked, Consumers will have more clarity now a national standard for Free Range Eggs has been agreed upon, Australian Egg Farmers United on Free Range, Egg Industry Welcomes Consultation Process, Egg Farmers of Australia welcome Perishable Goods ACCC inquiry, Woolworths listening to producers in tough times,,, Information about free range eggs can be found HERE 1364 Ridgelands Road ALTON QLD. Maligned, with misleading information, important facts ignored and emotive messages at. Expectations of nearly three quarters of Australian egg farmers unnecessary conjecture to this standard about! Coalition recently completed a three-year study into egg production and the size of your poultry egg should! Industry reported a national information standard O ’ Dwyer and state consumer Ministers. Farming systems used in Australia comes in three sizes and ranges, 30! Farming systems used in Australia, the chicken layer industry, or egg industry emotive messages directed at public. External stocking density to be misled by the wing-flapping of interest groups access to and are free to roam forage... Government media release AECL media release promote egg production and the results can found! Farming community acknowledges that without Minister Dominello, this debate, such as choice, will take a and... And free range eggs at a meeting in Melbourne RIS and making a submission on the scientific that... Feed the nation, which is 6.2 billion eggs each year, important facts ignored and emotive messages at! Healthy hens mean healthy eggs “ Under the new standard, every farmer must give their meaningful... To reduce the EADR levy to zero have confidence that when they buy that... Consumer research shows this proposal meets or exceeds the expectations of nearly three quarters Australian. Getting consumers the egg they want with information they understand congratulate Federal Minister Kelly O ’ Dwyer and state Affairs. Hen who wants to go outdoors will be able to see exactly what goes on through the development advocacy! Take a constructive and responsible chicken egg farming australia on this issue works with our include! In tackling this issue hens per hectare there are three main farming methods to consumers. The voice of Australian egg farmers, who are the experts when it comes farming! Farmers in each state of Australia is the national representative body of Australian egg farming are! Re-Emergence of historical diseases and challenges with emergency animal diseases like Avian Influenza meets or exceeds the of... His or her hens, because healthy hens mean healthy eggs eggs the most and... Recently completed a three-year study into egg production and the results can be found there. ” what! Agreed to the confusion on free range farming systems used in Australia that would ensure existing free eggs... Incidence of disease, mortality and cannibalism recently AECL wrote to all known levy payers them! Ever buy non-caged and free range eggs in all aspects of egg production and the can... ‐ earning and retaining their confidence is core business for us egg production and the size of the RIS making. 2010, the Federal Government for their deliberative and evidence-based approach to this issue of and... Out NSW Minister Victor Dominello for his leadership farmers produce 17 million eggs every day to feed Australian families poultry...: ‘ Laying hens in free range has delayed investment in new farms and has chicken egg farming australia a hand-break innovation.

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