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I've only heard bad things about STC. I studied with Kaplan for SIE and passed first time. I would love your notes!!! If so, which one? I used the series 7 for dummies online articles which were like a TLDR version of the info. I've used STC for all of my studying (7, 63, 65, 3) and never had a problem. Securities training corporation. Press J to jump to the feed. I would highly recommend knowing the STC Crunch Time Facts by heart. Please share with me!! Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. PassPerfect was way more thorough and detailed. Could you share the notes with me? Aweful. Series 7 exam: helping others with examination questions. That said, the feedback is mixed and similar to my SIE Exam difficulty discussion, the degree of difficulty for the new top-off exam is quite dependent on the student’s background. My test result was pass, I was hoping for an actual score. I used Training Consultants. I knew 99% of the questions by heart and I was scoring high 90 - 100 on those. I did the 7th and 8th attempts of exams 1-8 the week before my exam - 2 per day. Much harder questions from PP at every step made the actual exam FAR easier than I expected. Read the materials as quickly as possible, and do as many practice exams as possible... Then a few more practice exams. I would recommend Kaplan’s qbank but haven’t used any others. As always, best to everyone in this group! Most people feel like their failing. Once I repeatedly got those correct, I deleted them from the spreadsheet. I passed mine earlier this year - I would fully recommend Kaplan! I'll cut to the chase, its a BEAR no pun intended. But take a lot of online quizzes. 43 votes, 65 comments. Some economic concepts such as money supply (M1, M2 & M3) were addressed and never mentioned in the STC materials. I have only used the book, thought about purchasing the online basic materials but definitely going to look into the Pass Perfect program as I would definitely need some sort of boot camp leading up to the test. I figure 5-10 of those were the non-graded questions. I noted the questions I repeatedly got wrong and the answer/explanation. Does that sound realistic with this exam? This is the first of two free Series 7 Practice Exams. Would anyone recommend purchasing a supplemental program? Studying. If you’re going to take the 7 and 66 and need to budget I would save for that and just get some questions from Kaplan’s qbank and their final exams. I would love to see your notes, thanks! MOS - muni/official statement. I literally took all 3,600 online questions Kaplan offers, then re-took all the questions I got wrong. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Does anyone know if that's the norm and/or there is somewhere I can go to see my actual numerical score? Only one math question. This practice test features 50 challenging questions that cover a wide variety of the topics that you will need to know for your exam. I'm trying to choose an exam prep provider for my series 7. Anyway, if anyone has any questions on the exams, fire away! Studied for 2 months while working and passed on the 1st try. save hide report. I eventually condensed that onto 3 pages of graph paper. Log in or sign up to leave a comment log in sign up. I Passed my Series 7 yesterday and I thought it would be helpful to share my experience in efforts to shed light on this exam. If you could share your notes/tutor me, I'd be forever greatful. I have been studying off and on for the SIE exam using the Kaplan book. I created a spreadsheet where I kept track of my score on each exam attempt. You have plenty of time left to get the scores up. Lol. glad to hear, I am using Kaplan right now, doing the online questions ( QBank). The Series 7 Exam Subreddit is a professional community of Reddit users focused on the passing of the FINRA Series 7 Exam. I'm reading the stc book for the 7 and having a very hard time getting through it.

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