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You can also make your commendation/complaint by e-mailing Professional Standards at the following e-mail address. Sheriff's Blotter; Victim Referral Services; Who's in Jail; My OC Register » | Login. The Orange County Sheriff’s Department has compiled these documents below by division. As part of the process of continual improvement, Sheriff Mina has outlined procedures for the public to bring forth concerns regarding deputies' actions. In cases where a letter of appreciation from a citizen is submitted, the employee and his/her chain of command, including Sheriff Mina, are made aware of the outstanding performance. Furthermore it saves on the cost of medical services, feeding, and clothing of all inmates who participate on CWP. endobj Investigative, tactical, and security information has been redacted in accordance with the law. �����A�Gyx�G��-��h==��*�/��A��3}A������4��"� �%�� �L��|B!�~7=��� �]�� Pg�Ͽ��S��A�Zc���@�DؠVy �`��@V����w$3���$��� He passed away on... read more, OP-ED: Talking about parenting: Appreciating the good moments more, OP-ED: Participating in The Great American Smokeout, OP-ED: Story Over a Cup: Showing the lemons who is boss, Louisiana Woman Indicted in $4.8M Elder Fraud Scheme, North Texas Financial Advisor Appears in Court, Fifth Individual Charged in Health Care Kickback Conspiracy, Man faces robbery conviction for snatching purse, VIDEO: WOCCISD Remote Learning November 30- December 4, LCM Education Foundation receives donation from Alumni Reunion, West Orange Stark Elementary School Honor Roll 2nd cycle 2020, West Orange Stark Middle School 2nd Cycle Honor Roll 2020, BC School Board responds to Lintzen’s retirement announcement, VIDEO: Governor Abbott Encourages Texans To Participate In Small Business Saturday, Conrad Shipyard receives ISO 9001:2015 recertification, Conrad Industries announces Third Quarter 2020 Results and Backlog, A Western Swing Spring Fling set for April, Siddiq to host delayed TASIMJAE winning show, Nov. 5, Fabulous Equinox Orchestra Hurricane Recovery Benefit Concert Postponed, Orange County marriage licenses issued 11.16-11.20.20, Master Gardeners- Preparing plants for cooler temperatures, Burglary at the 13000 block of Interstate 10 in Orange, Criminal mischief at the 500 block of Jackson Street in Orange, Criminal mischief at the 1900 block of North Tram Road in Vidor, Theft at the 18000 block of State Hwy. The investigator will interview the concerned parties and witnesses. 2 0 obj Download a copy of our Commend or Complain brochure: It is the mission of the Orange County Sheriff’s Office to ensure that its deputies provide the citizens of Orange County with professional service and equal treatment under the law, regardless of a person’s race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, religion, economic status, background, age, or culture. Public Complaint Policy Public trust is vital to our mission, and rests on Department responsiveness to community needs and expectations. Sworn members of the agency receive training to identify and avoid bias-based profiling including the potential liability associated with violations of the law in accordance with the Criminal Justice Standards and Training Commission (CJSTC) requirements. (407) 254-7000, Coronavirus (COVID-19): Continue to practice social distancing when in public. 12 in Mauriceville. At this time, due to the need to have deputies available or emergency calls for service, deputies will not be responding to requests for face-coverings or social gatherings-only enforcement. If you believe you have been treated in an inappropriate manner by a member of the Sheriff's Office, you are encouraged to contact this office so the issue can be properly investigated. Manages the Department’s use of force database and provides regular reports to Department stakeholders identifying trends to be used for liability management. If a complaint is sustained, appropriate discipline and/or corrective action will occur. Traffic stop at the 400 block of Main Street in Vidor. Under California Penal Code section 4024.2, the Sheriff is allowed to release inmates who fit a certain criteria established by the Sheriff to perform work for the county in-lieu of their jail sentence. Sheriff’s Preface . =�7đ��s|�����%F�M�� �N�bU^�����p�Ug8}� �d}�i�=oX���H�� +��W~M�Z�@l3�m��ݦ��"���+A取}�37'�;���y Bias-based profiling shall not be tolerated and is a violation of the code of conduct of the Orange County Sheriff’s Office. <>>> ORANGE COUNTY SHERIFF'S OFFICE GENERAL ORDER Effective Date: August 7, 2015 Rescinds - G.O. 6.2.2, 2014 Statistical Report Division to review, enhance, and create Department policies, improve safety through compliance with all mandates, reduce liability, produce use of force statistical reports, analyze trends, assist injured employees in their recovery and return to work, and track performance in support of our commitment to public service. We strongly recommend using Edge, Chrome 70+, Safari 5.x+ and Firefox 5.x+. ���a+z�_��#U��'�b������gt�����S�y��8e��E��d�/������1��j��ӵ��O��H�ǔ�0~h��7�r������5�:?#|puC���W�r������GU�l�����l��B���0P#c��Y��ٔ���3�����#�0�2:�ܼ���~0��JN��`���/�du���sN%z5��MsH�(��^�c+�G��ʆVpI������+Y4��@�5������j�w� ዤ���Խ�]pS�u��p[� �����,�$u�i4��`�mO�ѤzFy����i�q;GL�*|��m*���K�oˡv����� �Ğ�ز��;GJ1�j؞{G�Npe�K[ Suspicious circumstances of harassment through text messages in Vidor, Theft at the 15000 block of Farm to Market Road 1442, Theft at the 4800 block of Monroe Street in Vidor. PO BOX 1440 Deputies investigating criminal activities use a variety of techniques in developing the proof needed to arrest and prosecute criminals. Participation in the CWP program is voluntary and considered a privilege. CWP allows the inmate to go home at night and be a productive member of the community. 3 0 obj It is the mission of the S.A.F.E. The Orange County Sheriff Court Operations function is pleased to offer you cost effective, professional civil process services. If you do not want your e-mail address released in response to a public-records request, do not send electronic mail to this entity. When making a commendation/complaint via fax, U.S. Mail, or e-mail, you are encouraged to include your mailing address and/or telephone number so you can be contacted in the event additional information is needed. �S�4� �GM{�U�������Ƀ�3�X�2�>I�F�$p#H�V. This browser is no longer supported and some key features will not work. Fairness - Objective, impartial decisions and policies are the foundation of our interactions. xkó+�䝟bwY[���s� ���E@~�kdi�߳S�]��ķ�-'U���N�g֣_3����1�~, &E*��)���M������v����3�pRfza��=�3J,-��N'R��3��F¥�bܮ�2�3�`p{-�쒄Hf m���O��d�3�& SAFE - Strategy. Office Hours: 0700-1900 Hours Mon-Sun Email the author As a means of constantly striving to improve police performance and maintain the highest respect from the community, the Orange County Sheriff's Office: Seeks citizen input for improvement in our services. He/she will record witness statements and gather other relevant information and evidence. However there are times when the public may feel they may need to take issue with a deputy's actions. 2018 Statistical Report                P. O. <> 8.1.7 (August 8, 2014) Amends Number: 8.1.7 Pri SUBJECT: VEHICLE APPREHENSION / PURSUIT POLICY nt Date: Distribution: ALL SWORN AND COMMUNICATIONS PERSONNEL CALEA Standards: 41.2.2, 41.2.3 CFA Standards: 21.04 This order consists of the following:

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