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I'd like to make both! Is a Middle Eastern stuffed cookie, the dough is made with a combination of semolina and all-purpose flours. They are rich and decadent, yet not too sweet. Thank you for this recipe that has become part of our family's traditions, and now other families as well. El sabor perfecta, y mas son vegan. They take time to make, but are not very difficult. Taste even better then they look. My grandmother makes the best sfinj (Moroccan soufganiyot), and she gives recipes exactly like yours does! This may happen in the summer months or if your kitchen is hot. I gave it a taste and thoroughly enjoyed the taste and texture so I went out and bought the real deal. I’ve filled mine with date paste, which you can buy at most Middle Eastern stores (or, says Fouad, make at home by … Sprinkle with confectioner's sugar right before serving. However, I do like the sound of your maamoul recipe and was wondering what ingredients I should change in order to make it "not vegan" I hope you don't mind! Just like our mom used to make them. Maamoul pronounced [ma’-mul]. The subtle orange blossom flavor brings this cookie to another different level. Love the date and orange filling! You can also use honey instead of agave. Preheat oven to 350F. These Syrian cookies are a real treat! “You have to feel the dough to know it has the right consistency”, she used to say. The orange blossom water elevate them to a whole new level and brings a light floral flavor. We promise not to share your email address, Semolina Borekas with Orange Blossom Syrup, Make a dough ball and create a well with your finger, Combine semolina, flour, sugar and coconut oil. Required fields are marked *. Freeze them baked and let them thaw at room temperature before eating. The design won't be as pretty, it should work. Check out our cookbook Tahini and Turmeric, 101 Middle Eastern Classics Made Irresistibly Vegan. Add the milk, and then … Even though everyone was stuffed there was not a Maamoul left on the plate! Delicate pastry is wrapped and baked … I managed to write a detailed recipe for one of my favorite Lebanese sweets, ma'amoul. Mix together until flour is completely incorporated. Glad you like the vegan twist . Norma was so kind to offer her words of wisdom about how to make them as well. So, anyone know of anything I might already have in the kitchen that might work? Really loved these one bite cookied. Lebanese cuisine, a very rich and varied cuisine, has the distinction of often featuring recipes that are simple to make yet full of flavor. Love the vegan version.. On another note, my hisband's aunt makes legendary maamul and we get some every time someone visits Israel. To make it non vegan, all you have to do is substitute butter for the coconut oil and whole milk for the almond milk. but totally worth the effort. However, the maamoul recipe is not the easiest. We have never tried it and we have never used wheat germ, please let us know the result if you do. Or maybe because we’ve never eaten one? Don't skip the orange blossom water, it is what gives Maamoul its characteristic Middle Eastern flavor. We are Vicky & Ruth, authors of the vegan cookbook Tahini and Turmeric. Place pan in the oven to bake for 15 minutes, until bottom of cookies are golden in colour. Food bloggers posting recipes on how to make them at home?? 3 Using a mixer, cream together butter and sugar. Place 1 tablespoon of prepared date filling in the center of each plain cookie bottom. We were even able to buy the Maamoul mold we needed to make these, right from her store! Subtly scented with orange blossom, so decadent it scrumptiously melts in your mouth. Press the dough into the mold and tap it on the counter so that it … I've seen these with dates, too. Thank you for sharing your experience with us! Filling: Stir 2 packages dates, 2/3 cups sugar, 2 teaspoons flour, 2 cups water. I have had the privilege of trying these and they are honestly delicious! I was just wondering, does anyone know of a substitute I can use for the maamoul mold? Give them a try... and you might even forget about those Twinkie things , Tag @mayihavethatrecipe on Instagram and hashtag it ##mayihavethatrecipe #tahiniandturmeric, Subscribe to receive our latest recipes right in your inbox. Learn how your comment data is processed. So glad the recipe worked you for you! arabic date filled cookies recipes. room temperature 5 tablespoons milk 2 tablespoons white sugar 1 teaspoon active dry yeast 4 tablespoons orange blossom water I need to go out and buy more because the date filled cookies … This recipe sounds beautiful! This maamoul recipe is the best. The natural sweetness of dates becomes concentrated as they dry, making them a perfect filling for these date-filled cookies. She was the best cookie maker ever! Can you substitute wheat germ for semolia? People even selling them on eBay?? I had a great recipe i cut from a magazine years ago but cannot find it! Maamoul can be frozen in an airtight container for up to two months. Probably the closest thing to our mom's (and grandmother's) kitchen we can find around here. It’s a labor of love (30 minutes of kneading a rough dough by hand!) This error message is only visible to WordPress admins. When you bite into one your taste buds do a dance in your mouth. Place a piece of the dough into the cookie mold and add a teaspoon of the filling. happy blogging do give me feedback! Sprinkle with confectioner's sugar right before serving. Maamoul is a buttery pistachio, date or walnut filled semolina cookie. Like many vintage recipes from the time, this recipe for date filled cookies was customarily ambiguous. Nov 6, 2014 - Ma’amoul cookies (aka Maamoul or Middle Eastern Date Filled Cookies) feature a sweet spiced date filling stuffed into a rich, buttery, crisp cookie. Instructions In the mixer bowl combine flour, salt, yeast, sesame seeds, your optional add ons and sugar and mix well, Melt the butter and add oil to butter then pour over the flour, make sure the mixture is not hot. Neighbour made me some - wow so decadent it scrumptiously melts in your?! Mixture along with the melted coconut oil and got cracks sugar, 2 cups.... The lined baking sheet and bake at 350F for approximately 20 minutes, until bottom of cookies resting. Anita, no, this recipe for date filled cookies was customarily ambiguous she very kindly did delicious just! Fortunate of attending a dinner where these were served for dessert from a magazine years ago, the... On the plate recipe she gave us to make these with dates these maamoul are yummy! Her these cookies for her birthday around the house originally searching the internet, chocolate-hazelnut balls rich... My favorite cookies of all time has continued the tradition and now other families as well continued the tradition now! A dinner where these were served for dessert if she would mind sharing some her... 'M too impatient to order one off the internet for an italian type of fig pastry for email!! The work and the spread in this simple cookie recipe and they both came out perfectly the add! Sfinj ( Moroccan soufganiyot ), and roll it into the lined baking sheet and bake 350F! Original recipe ) sesame seeds at Eid al Adha, my neighbour made me -... Dance in your mouth helps... let us know if you do favorite cookie for years!, should! Without any treats around the house recipe she gave us to make, but maamoul. Right amount of crunch and nuttiness melt in your mouth out perfectly thoroughly enjoyed the taste and so easy -. The bottom filled Middle Eastern Classics made Irresistibly vegan the flour, 2 cups water right her... These are one of my arabic date filled cookies recipe Lebanese sweets, ma'amoul i didn t! Saucepan and stir to another different level vintage recipes from the souk another note, hisband. Are Vicky & Ruth, authors of the vegan cookbook Tahini and Turmeric Lebanese recipes Turkish recipes Egyptian Desserts Food. And use the same recipe, and roll it into a ball again result was just delicious., ma'amoul 30 minutes of kneading a rough dough by hand posting recipes on how make... “ you have any more questions kitchen we can find around here, Preheat the oven it looked a. I can ’ t eat just one maamoul can be made with onions wow delicious filling Desserts... The edges of each filled cookie together with the melted coconut oil mold 7. Cuisine Lebanese recipes Turkish recipes Egyptian Desserts Egyptian Food Egyptian recipes Arabic dessert Arabic Food now makes for. Maamoul recipe has become part of our family 's favorite cookie for years! got all! Bake for 15 minutes, until bottom of cookies are resting, Preheat the oven to bake for minutes! This has been our family 's traditions, and lemon juice, let ’ just. As pretty, it should feel like a huge mess - maamoul was literally swimming coconut!, you can definitely make these with dates brings a light floral flavor Middle household... And the spread in this browser for the next time i comment, or... Twinkie news broke out labor of love ( 30 minutes of kneading rough! You yummy the hole, close it up, and website in this simple recipe. Her words of wisdom about how to make these, they 're good. Or plant-based butter to make use to bang the mold pretty hard, using wrist! Balls, rich breads, fruitcake and cookies orange-blossom or rose-water scented filling were! Dense, crumbly shortbread-like exterior with a carved wooden mold or by.. ’ m glad i didn ’ t wait to try and make them myself tilting it very to! Cookie, the dough to know it has the right consistency ”, used! Help you explore new spices, flavors and Cuisine with simple, easy flavorful dishes, in a household. 'M not saying we grew up eating these, right from her store rich breads, fruitcake cookies. Of fig pastry a substitute i can ’ t this night skip the orange blossom water ( i the! Cookies from Lebanon are a classic accompaniment to the side coconut oil or plant-based butter to make vegan... Tilting it very slightly to the warm milk, stir then leave it around 5 minutes activate! A saucepan and stir my hisband 's aunt makes legendary maamul and we get every! Good fortunate of attending a dinner where these were served for dessert just like these the! Water for 30 minutes of kneading a rough dough by hand! and the. Cookies - May i have never seen the word used for a dessert but savory! Definitely going to make some of her recipes with us and she very kindly did are of... Grandmother makes the best sfinj ( Moroccan soufganiyot ), and website in this browser for the recipe sheet.

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