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For more information on our rankings, please read about us, linked below. Their rugged woofers are made of polypropylene cones with butyl rubber surrounds, which means they're rigid and, therefore, can handle a lot of volume without distorting. While they can handle more continuous watts than nearly any other, their peak power capability leaves something to be desired. Either mount the tweeters and woofers separately for crystal-clear sound, or with more limited space in the vehicle, mount the tweeter inside the woofer and still get full-range with great impact. This is why ultimate 6.5 component car speakers are so popular amongst drivers who love to enjoy music while driving. Hindi ako sure kung sila magkamatch pero price-wise sila magkalapit. With a 6.5’ mid bass, the Morel Tempo Ultra 602 series speakers are extremely punchy and tight. This speaker system enables you to make the choice of the best configuration in order to get great sound in your car. A) Morel Virtus 602 - 29.8k vs Focal PS 165 FX - 28.8k B) Morel Tempo Ultra 18.8k vs Focal PS 165 F - 22k Prices are based on Mickeys website. I believe either will sound great. Please note: Different frequencies can have different impedance values. Make sure you don't make the mistake I did and assume depth is universal - you could save yourself some serious money and a lot of heartache. You’ll be able to hear little details in the music you might otherwise have missed, and develop a deeper appreciation for the music you love. Time to make a decision PJ Birddogcatfish, Oct 22, 2019 #1. I think I'm ruling out the MB Quart 'cause a lot of people complain the tweeter's too sharp. which will be the same as any direct visitor to the merchant’s website. They provide a whole new level of sound that redefines the significance of quality sound reproduction. From a sound quality perspective, far superior to the k2 and a better value. That will add a lot of time and effort to the process, however, and it could result in some unwelcome rattling if you aren’t careful. My first car was a 2005 Subaru WRX. Finally, component speakers are still great on the wallet. Backed by the expertise of the Harman electronics family, the Infinity Reference X (around $60) will make you think that the units you're listening to are much more expensive than they actually are. Moreover, these speakers are hand made in a French factory - a nice touch. What does this mean to you? Our Virginia-based experts can help you find the best gear. Focal (I cant remember the style) Which harness plug in harness do I need for the amp? These speakers balance the high, mid and low frequencies to provide a more professional audio sound. I am going for a semi-budget high sound quality system: Pioneer 80PRS Head Unit; Zapco 1000.4 or 750.2 to drive 2 Way Fronts; Zapco 500.1 to drive sub; Morel 2 way fronts (1) JL 10TW3 D4 Sub Impedance is important, as some speakers require a huge amount of power that your stereo head might not provide. For simplicity's sake, in our reviews we focus on the more commonly available measurement: top-mount depth. $99) deliver excellent sound quality for their price along with a long life, due to basalt rock fibers woven into the cones. ... Focal Car Component Speaker System. Because they're among the most cost-effective coaxial pairs available, many mobile music buffs swear by the Focal Access's (about $220) ability to bring high-fidelity sound to your vehicle without the extra effort and expense of installing a complex multipoint system. Tempo Ultra 602 - Morel 6.5" 120W RMS Tempo Ultra Series 2-Way Component Speakers System; Tempo Ultra 602 - Morel 6.5" 120W RMS Tempo Ultra Series 2-Way Component Speakers System. Tweeters can sound a bit bright, but can be adjusted to taste. For the price, the quality undoubtedly makes them a great buy. Range is a simple concept to understand, yet difficult to master.

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