exercises on conditional sentences type 1, 2 3 pdf

3. Kostenlose Übungen und Arbeitsblätter zum Thema "Conditional Sentences / If-Clauses" für Englisch in der 6. Matching Match the first part of the sentence on the left with the correct ending on the right. a) If I had a million dollar, if I were President of the United States. CONDITIONAL SENTENCE TYPE 3 e) If I had a horse, I would love the rain. I don't really expect the situation to change because it is very unlikely. 2. Mixed conditional tenses 1. Task No. Conditionals: worksheets, printable exercises pdf, handouts. 13Hw��ѷO��-�F��� Ng0��O���vIh'���Xs_jԋ,�� ������cc�C ����$��?Sd�j��27�EU#c�w�;N0`�,с4�#���p( �+@V[3Y}P�. Conditional sentences - type I and II, if clauses, statements. They are used to express that the action in the main clause (without if) can only take place if a certain condition (in the clause with if) is fulfilled.There are three types of Conditional Sentences. Klasse am Gymnasium und der Realschule - zum einfachen Download und Ausdrucken als PDF Conditional Sentences are also known as Conditional Clauses or If Clauses. ^�s � ���݆�d�}�w:�M�râ�\�]{G'Z}�[pQ+��� 4. Conditional sentences. �Z�y�0�����jʽ�#�?~�~��Y��8��Jr��n�������]$ Conditional sentence II Conditional sentences 9 1. U0�=�̡'_�)���D�a�&N/2�`�G�ӑp8���J�l��? Conditional sentences - Test . 8?�l|��5+����i��D�3�d��'�ly����) �[�z£e����k������� ���` d�l���XEEc#q:��(�������s�T{��� �)%)�wE��Q��}^�Xqs�U���U��6�k���po�2����V��]�r��S1� "�(.�1���A>�F�BYk�������0��BV�W����G�eY�喐rWt��W�/��N��(u�h�B&F}���8+��Ը��n�I�z��#����'�'���3��'z�����E�#|�g�X����K�c�Z 1) If I find your key, I'll tell you. Put in the verbs in brackets and form Conditional sentences type I or type II.Mind the underlined verb forms.. Show example Conditional Sentences – Third Condition A. endstream endobj 566 0 obj <>stream Mr Parker promises Bob a job. endstream endobj 564 0 obj <>stream ?�SEĜu�� Y����Ύ�0x��}�UK���s��c��&Yz��&�v����3L�U�ճ2�ξ�/Žt�k�?1�Ӓ�@`��BE�F]2}����X��e�[� �%GzU�˵w�׀U?��2�!n�5��$����y�ɽǍ_9� G���ӕ5�b�I `1�wS�/j�L�n�`4�;���,^�#��{(��fQD��i3�*�� endstream endobj 565 0 obj <>stream Match the parts of the sentences correctly. a) type I (condition possible to fulfil) b) type II (condition in theory possible to fulfil) c) type III (condition not possible to fulfil - too late) 2) Daniel would have been home on time if the bus had come. c) I could sleep longer if she wore my favourite dress. d) I might fight with my sister I could buy a Ferrari. 2037. If I had seen the accident, ….. C. if I had known the baby was sleeping. I will play / … 563 0 obj <>stream He has lots of things to offer … REMEMBER: Das will-future bildet man mit will und dem Infinitiv. Conditional sentences type 2 refers to an action in the present that could happen if the present situation were different. %PDF-1.6 %���� b) If it snowed tomorrow, if my holidays started tomorrow. A - Which type of the Conditional sentences is used? (I can’t do it because I don’t have enough money.) I would have said hello ….. A. if I hadn’t looked at my calendar. ;��φ���nwl��S�/ȇ�$6r]ܝ��F7�.��|���6��`�-��M�rQ���`֭t�;��HVЇ�M��]6�l����-N��gE:yTOz:��sĠ5�uI��L;W�9� Example If I had a lot of money, I would travel around the world. I would have mailed the letter …. 4m����jܥ�/�@���c����y����&B�ӡ$��Z�¤]%'�ނ�H��;�u�c�ݣR�j�?�6��!4�_�������_ h?�RHj�5o�I�O3! B. if the roads hadn’t been so slippery. Grammatik [IF-CLAUSES TYPE I AND II ] 2 If-clause type I EXERCISE 1 Fill in the verbs in the will-future, using short forms (I’ll, you’ll, he’ll …) if you can. endstream endobj 567 0 obj <>stream

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