best water filter pitcher for well water

The best water filter pitcher for well water must be able to filter contaminants like heavy metals, bad smell and gases, sediments, and VOCs. It is also excellent in removing sediments, dust, rust, and other contaminants found in your well water. The only drawback is there’s some leaking when I pour the water out but is not a deal-breaker for me. How long can a water filter pitcher last? We spent a week looking for the best water filter pitcher based on all the aforementioned criteria. It has a sleek design and can greatly reduce contaminants in well water. If you are conscious about your daily intake of water and strive to complete 2 liters intake in a day, this pitcher will be a helpful partner for you. A two-pack of replacement filters costs $30 and each one is supposed to last for up to 40 gallons. Here's a table of my test results. As a result, select companies make water pitchers with filters that actually add nutrients as your tap water passes through. But there are other good options here -- the Pur PPT700W is a great budget pitcher that also saves space with its slimmer design; the Seychelle pH20 is the best pitcher if you want alkaline water -- and the Invigorated Water pH Vitality is a solid option if you want to avoid plastic (and want alkaline water). If you are a fan of Brita and want a large pitcher for your family, this one is ideal for you. Firstly, the initial purchase must be inside your pocket. With a smaller 7-cup water capacity and slimmer dimensions, the PPT700W Basic is also a good choice if you have limited fridge space. The only issue with this pitcher is it does not come with a lid over the water-pouring opening. It isn't a good option if you aren't interested in alkaline water, but its attractive design and lack of plastic are definite points in its favor. Replacement filters cost $7 each. EPA states that around 13 million American households rely on private wells to meet their water needs. We have solved this problem for you and reviewed the best pitchers for well water in our guide. But still, they can produce water that is safe and tasty to drink, and that is the main purpose of a water filter pitcher, which is to provide basic water filtration. One cartridge can last for 3-4 months for an individual or a couple or 2-3 months for a small family of 3-4 people. The best water filter pitcher for well water must be able to filter contaminants like heavy metals, bad smell and gases, sediments, and VOCs. A filtering pitcher is perfect for people who cannot afford an expensive well water filtration setup. There is no denying the fact that this is a state of the art filter pitcher for well water. As you'd expect, the Clearly Filtered, Invigorated Water pH Vitality and Seychelle pH20 all saw an increase in pH and in TDS. The authorities are not responsible for maintaining water quality. If you are a well owner, you would need to get your water tested yourself. If you want your well water to be pure and alkaline, buy this one. It is easy to refill and pour and has a filter indicator to keep track of when to replace the filter cartridge. Usually, the quality of well water tends to be worse than the city water, so most water filter pitchers designed to use with well water can also be used for city water, and the top 5 water filter pitchers for well water featured here are suitable for both well water and city water. Where to buy the best water filter pitcher for well water? While the Brita filter and Pur filter models cost just $7 each, the ZeroWater filters cost $15 each (but are sold in a $30 two-pack). It will not purify your water but also make it alkaline. A two-pack of replacement filters costs $50. On top of removing harmful contaminants in well water, it can also improve the water pH level to produce clean alkaline water for your family. (Keep in mind that filter life will vary based on the quality of your tap water and, essentially, how much your filter has to "work" to remove impurities.). The three alkaline water filter pitchers I tested -- the Clearly Filtered, Invigorated Water pH Vitality and Seychelle pH20 -- actually saw an increase in both the pH and the TDS, since they're designed to add minerals to your water. To maintain the hygiene of a water filter pitcher, it is recommended to clean it once every few weeks to prevent bacteria growth and contaminants build-up. It is a costly pitcher as compared to other ones on our list. Brita is a popular brand in water filters, and the Brita Everyday Water Filter Pitcher is one of the best-selling products of Brita. I repeated these steps a total of three times on each of the seven pitchers. The ZeroWater ZP-010 managed to reduce the total dissolved solids in my tap water by a staggering 93%, from an average initial TDS reading of 159 ppm to just 11 ppm. Give it a read, and you will be able to make your decision. Some pitchers take several minutes to filter water, while others only take about 30 seconds. Reviews of the Best Water Filter Pitchers in 2020. Water filter pitchers are the most economical and simplest way to get clean filtered water from your private well. The $70 Seychelle pH20 pitcher I tested took my tap water from an already basic reading of 8.39 to 10.1, the largest increase out of the three alkaline pitchers in my test group.

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