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Asean Plant Export has grown to become one of the World class supplier for Seeds, Rhizome, Tubers, Bulbs and Musa world wide . and location provides the nurturing environment for the seedlings and also provides the sun environment for toughening up the more mature blooming plants. Seed Production: Our staff is organizing the hybrid zoning and preparing seed production. We found it advantageous to actually have two locations: northern of Thailand and Bangkok… You can almost buy anything you want there. However, canny Thais will often go … I cant verify them having seeds but i would imagine they would. There are different sections in the … There are several plant and flower markets around Bangkok. The gardening section of Jatujak (as Hans mentioned), is probably a good start. My mother swears by the place. Also Khong 5 is a place where wholesalers and garden … One of the largest and most accessible is on Kampaengphet Road, just a short walk from Chatuchak … We able to provide home … – Bangkok’s Chatuchak Flower and Plant Market is open every Wednesday and Thursday from 6am to 6pm.

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