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This is also a combo for card Time Sieve. Rather than exclude it on that basis, I decided to include it. Every turn, [card](Thopter Assembly) will put 5 tokens and goes to your hand. ! Cast it again. Punksterbass. Infinite turn. € 0,99. coment, hate and subscbibe! Time Sieve is strong in this deck and with Thopter Assembly it can be a bit of a rough combo to deal with if they can’t stop you right away, but Thopter Assembly is a nonbo with the rest of the deck. Step 1 – Set up: All we need is Time Sieve, 5 artifacts and Thopter Assembly in play. Time Sieve + Thopter Assembly #1 Sep 22, 2011. In games where you have a strong Thopter presence, It’s not infinite by itself- the two-card combo is limited by how much mana you have, but being able to dump 4 or 5 mana at end of turn into an instant army is nothing to sneeze at. For a long time I dismissed this card as a classic example of “win-more”, as it does nothing if you don’t have thopter-sword combo already on the battlefield with access to five mana. Drop out the Assembly, pass turn, untap on your turn return the assembly to get your 5 artifact creature tokens, drop out the Time Sieve, activate it sacrificing the thopter tokens, recast the Assembly, and go about your day infinitely taking more turns. MTG infinite turn combo: braids, time sieve, thopter assembly gemstone mine, time sieve and four lands (islands). That Thopter triggers Sword and brings it back- end result, you’re down 1 mana, up 1 Thopter, and up 1 life. This will give us infinite turns! Time Sieve + Thopter Assembly is a decent relatively easy (in those colors) to pull off combo for an infinite turn loop. So, our last combo is probably the simplest. Time Sieve allow you sacrificing five artifact to gain an extra turn, the thing we need to do is to put five artifacts onto the battlefield every turn. Punksterbass. Combo Time Sieve +Thopter Assembly . View User Profile View Posts Send Message Experienced Mage; Location: Rio de Janeiro Join Date: 9/22/2011 Posts: 133 Member Details; Can this combo be viable now that the faster combos enablers were banned? COMBO E: Time Sieve + Thopter Assembly. Thopter Assemply, return to my hand, make 5 tokens, sac'em to Time Sieve, play Thopter Assemply … Sacrifice 5 tokens with [card](Time Sieve) to keep having new turns. Use Thopter Foundry to sacrifice an artifact and put 1/1 token into play. For every 1 mana you want to spend on this little loop, you gain 1 and get a Thopter. Sword of the Meek and Thopter Foundry can also help you to do that. € 2,79. Thopter Assembly + Time Sieve Magic: The Gathering Single Card Discussion Legallity.

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