The right time to raise your voice

What do you raise your voice for?

Everyone is built with a release valve for the pressures of life. What’s inside must come out. We express– we cry, we laugh, we mumble, we shout. We get perplexed. We get elated. Our inward life is revealed in our expressions: our eyes, our mouths, our voices convey the thoughts and convictions of the heart.

And we raise our voices. What goes on inside you that turns up the volume of your voice?

Is it when you’re angry? Is it when you’ve had enough? Is it during a crucial moment in the game? Is it at your spouse or kids? Is it at a screen? Is it at coworkers or bosses or subordinates?

Most times we should resist a raised voice, especially when it flows from anger or discontentment. But there’s a time for everything, including a time to raise your voice.

Yes, if you call out for insight and¬†raise your voice¬†for understanding…then you will understand the fear of the Lord.” Proverbs 2:3, 5

This passage is about how one gains wisdom, knowledge, and understanding. It’s nicely arranged: three conditional ifs and a then. If you do these three things, you’ll get this result. I love when Scripture makes it so simple and clear.

One of the conditions is that we must learn to raise our voice. The previous statement offers a parallel verb: “Call out.” Urgent. Loud. Eager. Expecting to be heard. Not willing to be ignored. Persistent and audacious. Vying for the attention of the hearer. If we would seek wisdom, there’s some aggression in the seeking.

This is God’s invitation for us to ask for wisdom. Set aside bashfulness. Be humbled by God’s holiness, but be emboldened by his offer. Pray like God really hears you. Pray like God wants to give you want you need. Let your prayers reflect the conviction that God is not only infinitely rich but also indescribably generous. He is able and willing. Go to him and with raised voice and high expectations. Bold, believing prayer is a key to unlock the door of wisdom.

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