Twitter me This (4/11/16)

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A collection of tweets that deserve a second look. With some comments if I feel like it. Enjoy.
Al Mohler (@albertmohler)
The power of parents reading aloud to children. Majority of kids say parents stop too soon. Read or listen here.
Most children can read independently by the first grade, but still kids want to be read to.  Parents, listen up!
Steven Lawson (@DrStevenJLawson)
We are not just dogmatic about the gospel, we are bulldog-matic.

Classic Lawson. Wonder how long it took him to think of that one.
Jonathan Leeman (@jonathandleeman)
Ah, how proficient we sinners are at sinning when we’ve been sinned against! Victims becomes perpetrators, creating new victims #cyclegoeson
Helpful to remember when counseling people. 
Kenneth R. Samples (@RTB_KSamples)
“Religion is a fairytale for those afraid of the dark.” -Stephen Hawking
“Atheism is a fairytale for those afraid of the light.” John Lennox
Stash that quote away for future use.
Mark Dever (@MarkDever)
The victory we are often granted is not the shortening of the trial but the lengthening of our faith. (see Luke 22:32)


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