Staff Thought of the Week: Connecting with Visitors

stotw_edited-1New visitors need to be greeted, welcomed, and connected. We are responsible for reaching out to them and connecting them with the group. Let’s make sure that when a new-ish student walks in the door, he/she is pursued and welcomed. Let’s make sure we:

WELCOME THEM to the youth group. If you’re having a conversation with someone who’s well established in the youth group, politely break off the conversation so you can go talk to the new person. Or better yet, bring along the person you were talking with.

INTRODUCE THEM to some students. Especially those of the same age and gender. We want them not only to connect with the staff but with their peers. Might be good at some point to talk with your M3 about how to greet and welcome new students.

CONNECT THEM to an M3. If the person doesn’t have an M3, seek to connect them to one. If they have friends in the youth group, put them with their friends. If they don’t know anyone, then you’re their closest friend and you should take them with you.

INVITE THEM to whatever’s next. Tell them you want them to come next week! Or tell them about the upcoming thing you’re doing with your M3. Or tell them about Summer Camp, or broomball, or whatever’s next on the calendar.

THANK THEM for coming. This is not only polite, but it shows genuine care. It shows that you noticed their appearance. It shows that they didn’t just blend into the crowd.

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