And all her slain are a mighty throng

Proverbs 7 describes how the adulteress lures a young man into her room while her husband is away. She pulls out all the stops. She mentions the sacrifices she made earlier and the vows; she describes her excitement for the young man, and she assures him that no one will find out: “For my husband is not at home; he has gone on a long journey.” The young man consents not knowing that the decision will cost him his life.

Then Solomon says “And all her slain are a mighty throng.”

Those taken down into the pits of adulterous death aren’t the weak, the stupid, the ignorant. And they aren’t few. Kings and lords, elders and laymen, pastors and businessmen, writers and plumbers, CEOs and Ph. Ds. The adulteress doesn’t discriminate; she’s on every corner, in every building, on every screen. She’ll barter with presidents and peasants. “All her slain are a mighty throng.”

As soon as you think you don’t have to go out to battle anymore you’ll see her bathing on the roof. Keep vigilant, gripped by truth and committed to integrity. Know a war wages and brandish your weapons to fight. And keep fighting.

Remember that “all her slain are a mighty throng”

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