Together for the Gospel guys playing ball

This is hilarious.

C.J. knows what he’s doing, even though Thabiti is all up in his grill.

Chandler, at 6’5” you better be getting a lot of put backs like that.

Could someone inform Dever of the triple-threat position? He looks lost out there.

You call that defense, Platt? Piper’s 65!

If we were on the playground, here’s the order they’d get picked.

  1. C.J. He’s got the skills and the team-first attitude.
  2. Thabiti. He looks like he knows how to throw his weight around.
  3. Chandler. For the height (and lankiness…gotta love lankiness).
  4. DeYoung. Probably a decisive play-maker. (I can just see him yelling at Piper, “Just DO something!”)
  5. Platt. Needs start making some radical changes in his defensive stance.
  6. Lig. Probably solid. Not enough offense to go top 5 though.
  7. Piper. He can preach, but he dribbles with his head down. And he’s little.
  8. Dever. Watch his defense at 14 seconds and notice how no one’s guarding him at 28 seconds. Nuff said.

Mohler on the bench playing with his iPhone is priceless!

Thanks Happy for sending me this. I keep watching it over and over again.

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