Life is lived between two hospitals

“The grand difference between a human being and a supreme being is precisely this: Apart from God, I cannot exist. Apart from me, God does exist. God does not need me in order for Him to be; I do need God in order for me to be. This is the difference between what we call self-existent being and dependent being. We are dependent. We are fragile. We cannot live without air, without water, without food. No human being has the power of being within himself. Life is lived between two hospitals. We need a support system from birth to death to sustain life. We are like flowers that bloom and then wither and then fade. This is how we differ from God. God does not wither, God does not fade, God is not fragile.”

— R.C. Sproul, cited in Humility: True Greatness, by C.J. Mahaney

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  1. I first heard the sermon “True Greatness” by C.J. then read the book. Excellent material with a powerful message that is very convicting. Like the blog will be back again. God bless!

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